Discover some of the sectors that are reaping the benefits of making conversation a crucial part of their business strategy.


When you use The Chat Shop as a pillar of your modern enrolment strategy, you’re giving a warm touch to your prospective and existing alumni. We’ll have meaningful conversations with potential students, their parents, and alumni, so you can meet and exceed your enrolment goals.

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Luxury Travel

Travel can be complicated for customers. We’re on hand to help by quickly answering questions, managing bookings, and increasing your conversion by building trust from the start, making sure site visitors choose you, not your competition.

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Hotels & Hospitality

We’re experts at using the power of conversation to deliver more bookings from your existing traffic. We bring the best practice across reactive and proactive support, so you can deliver an outstanding booking experience.

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The landscape of the software as a service industry is more crowded than ever. If you do get a shot at a customer you have to stand out among the many strong offerings on the market. Unless you happen to be the only software that does what you do in your market, what are you doing to stand out among your competitors?

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Our live chat for ecommerce increases conversions by breaking down barriers to purchase with a human touch. We’ve moved beyond transactional exchanges to memorable ones, we use the power of conversation to increase conversion from your existing traffic.

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Property & Real Estate

Our live chat for property programme is here to build relationships with your prospects and generate qualified leads. We’ve delivered lead generation and support services for aspirational brands across property sectors, including investment, residential, commercial and PBSA.

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Handling healthcare enquiries requires sensitivity and care, that’s why we build trust from the beginning of the relationship. Live chat for healthcare increases consultations booked by breaking down conversion barriers.

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Our live chat for lawyers programme uses the power of conversation to deliver more clients from your existing traffic. We develop a conversation with potential clients to generate qualified leads and build a trusting relationship.

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In case you hadn't noticed chat is very much our thing.

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