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We design, build, and continuously optimise custom chatbot experiences. Drive engagement and reduce costs while delivering on customer expectations.

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Chatbots developed and optimised with a human-led perspective


Improve customer experience

Whether you're looking to enhance customer service or remove friction in the conversion funnel, our human-led approach to developing chatbots ensures customers are delighted with every interaction. Fast, intuitive, and constantly optimised.


Reduce cost

By building chatbot experiences that customers want to engage with, we reduce demand across other, more expensive channels. Our fees include strategy, build, optimisation, and technology, with no limits on the number of interactions handled.


Always available, continuously optimised

24 hours a day, 365 days a year and always ready to cover every peak period. We work closely with you to ensure our knowledge and approach are always up to date. Our experience in conversational design means we make an impact from day one.


From simple to complex

Whether you're looking to focus on providing an easy way to access FAQs through to the most advanced, API-driven natural language flows, we've got you covered. With the option to combine chatbots with our native-English agent team, we make a big impact on complex customer journeys.

Our approach to Chatbot Development

Detailed onboarding

By fully immersing ourselves in your organisation, we approach every project with an intimate understanding of what you and your customers want to achieve. Our extensive experience in human chats and chatbots enables us to design a strategy that delivers on expectations.

Using the right technology

We're tech agnostic though we work closely with several leading chatbot technologies enabling us to choose a platform that meets your current and future needs. This often depends on complexity, including the level of natural language processing, integrations, and if we're looking to combine the bot with a human team.

Conversation design and training

Translating our strategy and knowledge into a fully functioning chatbot, built from the ground up with a human-led approach, ensures we add value from day one. We put every chatbot through comprehensive training and review with multiple stakeholders working collaboratively to ensure we offer a frictionless experience for every customer.

Continuous chatbot development

Regular reviews enable us to take an insight-led approach to continuous optimisation. We work to understand where there are knowledge gaps and how we can smooth out the customer journey while ensuring the chatbot is fully up to date as your business evolves.

Lead Generation

The right price for you

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The Basics
Includes your first 100 human chats/mo
Starts at

Simple and effective Conversational Marketing for small companies looking to maximise their lead generation.

Identify & Engage
  • Basic Greetings
Chat & Convert
  • Human Chat or Chatbot
  • Pretty Good Knowledge
  • CRM Integration
Understand & Optimise
  • Shared Account Management
  • Real-time Reporting Portal
  • Google Analytics Training
Most of our customers use this one!
Includes your first 500 human chats/mo
Starts at

Generate highly qualified and engaged leads with our enhanced knowledge strategy, and Hybrid Human + AI.

Includes everything in
The Basics, plus:
Identify & Engage
  • Enhanced Greetings
Chat & Convert
  • Hybrid Human + AI Chat
  • Enhanced Knowledge
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Calendly Integration
Understand & Optimise
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Monthly Reviews
  • Enhanced Strategy
  • UTM Tracking
Includes your first 1200 human chats/mo
Starts at

The ultimate Conversational Marketing solution to drive revenue growth at scale.

Includes everything in
Enhanced, plus:
Identify & Engage
  • Dynamic Engagement
  • Campaign Targeting
Chat & Convert
  • Enhanced Hybrid Human +
    AI Chat
  • In-App Chat
Understand & Optimise
  • Weekly Reviews
  • Custom Reports
Starts at

Let us create a custom solution unique to you:

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looking for something unique!

Over 40+ integrations available

Discover which marketing campaigns drive the strongest ROI with analytics and over 40+ custom platform integrations - we take care of delivering qualified leads straight to your CRM.

In case you hadn’t noticed, chat is very much our thing.

So why not put us through our conversational paces and get in touch?

Can't decide or want to learn more?

Let's talk!

Can't decide or want to learn more?

Let's talk!


Whatever your budget, we structure every project to deliver a consistently high return on investment and with monthly pricing starting from just £500/$650, we're worth consideration.

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Over 40+ integrations available

Discover which marketing campaigns drive the strongest ROI with analytics and over 40+ custom platform integrations - we take care of delivering qualified leads straight to your CRM.

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Our testimonials

The Chat Shop also challenged us to find the right formula. You can be the expert in your own business but not an expert in how a chat works. Let them challenge you - on how to optimise and get the performance out of a chat. If you take advantage of that knowledge and skill - and you trust them - you will get great results!

Paul Freeman
Vice President Marketing
SES Satellites

Before using chat, we offered email and primarily a fully staffed hotline where people could contact us. However, It's 2021; we need to meet people where they are at. Demographics are changing - gambling is changing, and people are increasingly feeling more comfortable engaging with others through chat... We can provide a better service through chat with better quality control. We don't necessarily know the location of someone that calls us through the hotline. However, we know their IP address with chat, and we can give them recommendations on local support.

Philip Sherwood
Director of Communications & Marketing
Massachusetts Council on Gaming and Health

At the start of the journey we didn't know The Chat Shop's live chat service could result into sales success we've experienced. Barlin and the team introducing us to proactive, sales focused conversations via live chat was a game changer for our business and best of all, our customers love it.

Brent Burrows Jnr
Ecommerce Manager & Brand Strategist
CBS Bahamas
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In case you hadn’t noticed, chat is very much our thing.

So why not put us through our conversational paces and get in touch?


Unlocking the next level in conversational innovation

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