When you use The Chat Shop as a pillar of your modern enrolment strategy, you’re giving a warm touch to your prospective and existing alumni. We’ll have meaningful conversations with potential students, their parents, and alumni, so you can meet and exceed your enrolment goals.

The results


People who chat with us convert 7.5x higher than site average.


In revenue generated from conversions and sales delivered by our team


Customer satisfaction rating – the highest in the industry

A Digital-First Strategy is the Key

Enrolment has changed rapidly over the last few years, and it continues to evolve even now. Institutions using a digital-first approach to their enrolment marketing are connecting with more people in measurable, meaningful ways. Potential enrolees are researching online more than ever, and if live chat is a core component of your strategy, you’ll be able to stand out from other institutions with conversations that matter.

Better Conversations, More Applications

Prospective students (and their parents) will typically have a clear idea of what they’re looking for in the perfect university, college, or school. When you use live chat to converse with the people coming to your website you’re able to earn trust quickly and directly answer specific questions. By using warm, informed conversation, you’ll instil confidence in parents and potential students alike about your institution and receive more qualified applications as a result.

Reach People Without Geographical Boundaries

When you use Conversational Marketing, we can reach all types of people from all over. And with institutions offering more and more online courses in addition to in-person classes, this has never been more important. We’ll be sure to match the tone of our conversation to each visitor on your website and get them any information and help they need. From prospective students who haven't even submitted an application, to inquisitive parents, to your trusted alumni– and everyone in-between.

Get More Qualified Applicants with Conversational Marketing

Here at The Chat Shop, our commitment to you is that we’ll get you verified, potential students for your college, university, or school. You’ll also get all of the pertinent details of every qualifying conversation we have so you can understand exactly what these future students are looking for in a school and what questions they have before you meet with them. 

Not only that, but you have little risk since you’ll only pay us per qualified, verified enrolment lead.

Here at The Chat Shop, we’ll build a custom strategy that is tailored to your institution’s needs to get the exact type of applicants you’re looking for.

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