Experience a new competitive advantage with real-time customer engagement using human live chat and AI chatbots.

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Engage, qualify and convert

We focus on the visitors who have the potential to convert, but won't, without some assistance. Using clever behaviour analysis and tracking, we identify the optimum time and message to engage in a thoughtful discussion.

Our UK/US-based live chat team become your real-time product and service experts. Supported by AI chatbots, we remove friction in your funnel through conversation. Bringing a new competitive advantage and delivering previously untapped returns, 24/7.

eCommerce Growth


Increase the volume and quality of leads from your website. Engage, qualify, and convert with our Conversational Marketing solution.


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Lead Generation

Customer Experience

Create the perfect blend of warm, engaging human chat and intelligent, attentive AI assistance to transform the CX on your website.


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Customer Experience

eCommerce Growth

Experience more revenue and offer an incredible native-English customer experience with our unique approach to Conversational Commerce


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Results focused live chat

Our unique approach to live chat works in synergy with your marketing efforts. By engaging with visitors in real-time with genuinely helpful advice, we increase conversion rate by up to 20%. Our strategy has been refined over the last 10+ years working with start-ups, enterprises and everything in between.

Strategy backed, insight led

Every project begins with a detailed strategy enabling us to identify and resolve key friction points in your conversion funnel. Working with purpose ensures we deliver the best return for every budget.

Continuous optimisation

Testing, tweaking, learning. We take ownership over the chat channel, using data and insights to deliver consistently impressive results every month.

A full-service chat partner

We bring the strategy, technology, and agent team, enabling you to experience growth without the overheads. Our vast experience across markets and a complete team of specialists means every conversation adds value to you and your customers.

Comprehensive chatbot expertise

Not all customer queries require the attention of a human agent. So, as part of our optimisation flow, we'll identify customer interactions that can be automated using AI Chatbots without compromising the customer experience.

Best suited for considered purchases

From £300 home furnishings to multi-million dollar B2B services, we add the most value when the conversation gets a little more complex.


Our expertise is built on years of experience. We’ve been at the forefront of the chat industry since 2012, during this time we’ve completed over 3 million chats across 20+ industries, including major global firms.

What sets us apart? Over the years we’ve constantly evolved our offering, helping our clients to drive ROI by developing innovative new solutions. From billion dollar PLCs to fast growth start-ups, we’ve supported the rapid growth of some of the biggest and best brands worldwide.


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The Chat Shop also challenged us to find the right formula. You can be the expert in your own business but not an expert in how a chat works. Let them challenge you - on how to optimise and get the performance out of a chat. If you take advantage of that knowledge and skill - and you trust them - you will get great results!

Paul Freeman
Vice President Marketing
SES Satellites

Before using chat, we offered email and primarily a fully staffed hotline where people could contact us. However, It's 2021; we need to meet people where they are at. Demographics are changing - gambling is changing, and people are increasingly feeling more comfortable engaging with others through chat... We can provide a better service through chat with better quality control. We don't necessarily know the location of someone that calls us through the hotline. However, we know their IP address with chat, and we can give them recommendations on local support.

Philip Sherwood
Director of Communications & Marketing
Massachusetts Council on Gaming and Health

At the start of the journey we didn't know The Chat Shop's live chat service could result into sales success we've experienced. Barlin and the team introducing us to proactive, sales focused conversations via live chat was a game changer for our business and best of all, our customers love it.

Brent Burrows Jnr
Ecommerce Manager & Brand Strategist
CBS Bahamas
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In case you hadn't noticed chat is very much our thing.

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