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The Demand For Luxury is Rising

Before the pandemic, luxury travel was a market that experienced rapid growth in the last several years. And believe it or not, its growth as an industry has only accelerated since the pandemic.

In fact, the luxury travel sector is predicted to experience even more growth-- some say exponentially. For many, the pandemic has resulted in a combination of pent-up savings and the desire to “experience life.” Consumer appetites are expected to grow for luxury travel experiences like never before.   

At the heart of this industry's growth, you'll find people seeking a higher level of customer experience. The demand is only increasing as more and more travellers look for unique, luxury travel experiences as an alternative to more mundane or pedestrian getaways.

Additionally, more than ever, people are wanting to not only enjoy these incredible experiences themselves but also share these experiences with friends and families across their social media platforms.

Some luxury travel brands are rising to the challenge and seeing rapid growth while others are falling behind as the market gets more and more competitive. Not only that, but with the demand for luxury travel continually increasing, we've seen more and more new luxury travel start-ups crop up.

So how can luxury brands stand out in a crowded market and truly connect with customers who are looking for something unique and different?

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Standing Out In A Crowded Market

The top way to stand out is to deliver a custom, outstanding customer experience from the very beginning.

Some consumers long to take a classic luxury vacation and find a secluded tropical beach with a five-star resort-- but we can't assume that's what they all want. Luxury travel has evolved to include many different experiences. From chartering luxury yachts, hiring private jets, sailing on high-end cruises, to chauffeured sightseeing tours, the spectrum of what travellers want in a luxury travel experience is vast and growing.

By having conversations with customers from the very beginning, you can let them tell you what their luxury travel dreams are and help them begin to make them a reality.

Some brands are widening their approach, and have attempted to diversify by promoting their services to a wider audience. While they once may have only targeted affluent earners, they're now targeting the growing numbers of people who have wanderlust as a result of the state of the world for the last year and a half.

What are you doing to stand out in this saturated-- but rapidly growing-- market? We know that consumers are looking for a customer experience that is equal in quality to their dreams of luxury travel. This means that all touchpoints need to be of the utmost quality. Is that what you're delivering?

A Truly Delightful Customer Experience

Having live chat on your website is not only delivering the best customer experience that is available 24/7 - it is delivering the experience that consumers expect.

You're letting the customer tell you the kind of luxury experience they're looking for without making any assumptions.

We know that shifts in society have resulted in consumers seeking instant gratification. If your brand is not available to have a conversation with a consumer at any given time they decide that it's time for a luxury travel getaway-- that is a potential lost opportunity.

Don't be caught with a site that is difficult to navigate or that can't answer a consumer's questions instantly.

Let's take a look at some scenarios when consumers are looking to connect with luxury travel sector brands. Let's say, for example, you were looking to charter a luxury yacht or a private jet. You go online and discover companies that meet your search criteria.
Once on the website, you may have some simple query questions, such as dates/availability and budget. Through to more complex questions ranging from what type of insurance is needed and if there are catering arrangements.

The current buyer journey is very linear and not dynamic. They have to go through a step-by-step generic process that typically involves completing a form or sending an email to engage with the brand. The agent/broker will then pick up this information and answer questions/requests - and some of these requests may not lead to a qualified opportunity but still take up the same amount of time.

Buyer’s Journey as it typically is:

Client visits site> Send email > Agent replies  with information > buyer then looks to see if it matches their requirements > communication continues back and forth in a disconnected fashion >Sometimes it results in a sale, sometimes it doesn’t.

Let's look at the buyer journey when you introduce live chat into the mix.

Buyer’s Journey with Live Chat:

Client visits site > Starts chat > get answer immediately through conversation > considered purchase > In some instances books (but often much more quickly and confidently).

This journey is more dynamic and will reduce sales cycles, by engaging with the consumer in real time you are overcoming any purchase barriers and reducing the likelihood of them exiting your site to check out your competitors offering. 

We’re so confident about our results that we only charge our clients for marketing qualified leads. If you’re ready to talk, chat with one of our live agents now. If you’d like to learn more about how our process can get you more qualified leads, take a look here.

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