The landscape of the software as a service industry is more crowded than ever. If you do get a shot at a customer you have to stand out among the many strong offerings on the market. Unless you happen to be the only software that does what you do in your market, what are you doing to stand out among your competitors?

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People who chat with us convert 7.5x higher than site average.


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Customer satisfaction rating – the highest in the industry

Meet the New B2B Buyer

The first thing you need to consider is how B2B buyers have evolved over the last year. These buyers are openly saying that they want to be treated in a personal way, and that they expect a connection when they’re choosing who to buy from. B2B buyers have a stronger sense of responsibility to their organisation than ever, and aren’t just reading your website– they’re looking for engagement with your brand. Live chat is the strongest way to have a meaningful conversation with the new B2B buyer.

Stand Out With Conversation

It might be tough to admit, but in the software as a service industry, the playing field is fairly level. It’s very rare for a single company to have a monopoly on any single technology that makes them the obvious choice. And even if they do, it isn’t long before competitors are able to catch up. When technology is largely the same, how can you stand out? With the warmth and convenience of conversation. By using live chat, you’re able to make connections with customers that go beyond tech specs.

Decision By Council 

More and more the decisions of what software a company will be using aren’t made by a single person. Instead, teams are conducting research and presenting their findings to one another to make a stronger decision together. When this is the case, the software as a service company that can more accurately and competently address the specific needs of a potential client will stand out. By using live chat, agents can go far beyond what a mere website could and give thoughtful, specific answers that people can present to the decision-maker.

Our personal interactions deliver a 99% customer satisfaction rating.

Conversations at the Speed of Technology

Remember that not every B2B buyer looking for what you offer is going to be tech-savvy. You might have everything laid out in a crystal clear manner on your site, but if your prospects don’t know what they’re looking at, it won’t matter. Not only that, but with technology changing as rapidly as it does, there will be moments when your company’s website might not match your exact current offerings or products. When potential buyers can have a conversation with a thoughtful agent using live chat, they can be educated on what questions they should be asking– something a website can’t do efficiently.

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We build an exhaustive knowledge base with hundreds of data points on your software and provide our live chat experts with 100+ hours of paid training on your business.

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