Infographic: Building An Audience With Facebook Advertising

As of March 2014, Facebook has 1.28 billion monthly active users. Many companies are constantly looking to tap into that large group of consumers, or at least a tiny proportion of it. And who can blame them? Facebook is a great source of traffic and sales for many eCommerce and B2C companies. With Facebook Advertising you can also build a highly targeted campaign so that you are engaging with the right audience and the traffic coming through to your site is of a high quality. If you’re not sure on the level of detail you can go into with Facebook Advertising, this infographic from Qwaya explains how to use Facebook to find and target a suitable audience with a great level of detail.

One of the key programmes which we offer through our live chat services is Increasing Conversion. We know how to use live chat to turn more website visitors into sales but we like to emphasise here on our blog and to our clients, the importance of having high quality traffic to your eCommerce site. Without footfall to your site, no-one will see your products to be interested in them. And if they aren’t the right target market for your product/service then they are also unlikely to buy.