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Why Conversations Matter As You Scale & Grow

In this article, we’ll convey to you how live chat can be used to improve the entire customer life-cycle.

March 25, 2022

You have a great product or service, and have recently shown enough promise that you’ve received some funding. You likely already have a strong go-to-market strategy, but at this stage you know it's crucial to scale further than ever before. So you ask yourself… How is that possible? 

In this article, we’ll convey to you how live chat can be used to improve the entire customer life-cycle as you scale up your business.

Your Audience Matters

With ambitious growth goals it can be easy to forget the most important factor in your success: your audience. Now more than ever, people don’t want transactional purchases. They become loyal to companies and brands that they connect with. 

You need to be as genuine and as close to your audience as you can. You also can’t just throw “marketing” in their faces. Connecting with an audience is a two way street. You can't be the only one talking, you also have to actively be listening as well. And when you take the time to listen, you’ll begin to truly understand how your company’s solution can solve your audience's problems. Only when you listen will you be able to speak your audience’s language and connect with them in a meaningful way. 

But how can you achieve this?
You could hire a consultancy to conduct a piece of market research for you. This would give you insight into the current market trends for sure. This might even provide you with the right intelligence to make the best business decisions as you attempt to grow. However any consultancy details represent a certain timeframe, and are typically static. These sorts of insights can quickly become obsolete as you begin to acquire new customers and grow.

Another challenge with consultancy information alone is that it can be challenging to take the specific details and put them into practical application. Even if you know specific details about your brand or market, how are you going to use that information to make a difference?

Chat Truly Connects You With Your Audience 

In our experience the most powerful solution to connect with your audience is to use live chat. And when the chat is utilised properly, you’ll not only deliver an incredible customer experience, but you’ll also gain ongoing, dynamic analytics about your audience. When you incorporate chat, not only will you gain important insights, but you’ll also have the ability to implement those insights in a way that’s measurable and scalable.

If you’re a recently funded business, you’re doing something right. You probably have many users coming to your site already. When you use live chat, you can let these visitors – and future ones – know what you offer through the perfect messaging at the perfect time.

As you build brand awareness, you’re going to be attempting to scale quickly while you find the perfect people to scale or build your marketing team. While you’re in the process of doing that, The Chat Shop can be your marketing tech stack so you don’t miss out on conversations with your customers.Your customers want to hear from you now – use live chat to start building your brand, and hit the ground running.

Scale-up Chat Checklist

Using chat, we’ll show you how you can:

  • Choose the right tech and team to reach customers.
  • Generate new business with your marketing efforts.
  • Learn to support your existing customer base.
  • Shape your future product development and retention.

Choose the Right Tech + Team

During your scaling up phase, you want to be hiring the best talent. The team of marketers that are going to take you to the next level. But having the best team is only one side of the coin– that team needs to be equipped with the right tech stack as well. When you’re starting out consider some of the following resources:

  • For a strong CRM, we recommend HubSpot - A unified platform for your sales and marketing team to collaborate and manage database contacts through the full buyer journey. 
  • For web development, we recommend Webflow - It has over 1000+ customisable no-code website templates.  
  • For live chat, we recommend meeting with us for a consultation and we can review your full customer journey and organisational ambitions.

A note on using live chat as part of your tech stack: If there’s something that the last couple of years has shown us, more than ever, your audience not only prefers live chat to be an option to communicate with you… they also expect it. Stats from one study revealing a sizeable 80% of B2B buyers prefer connecting with businesses through live chat, as they expect companies to interact with them in real-time.

Whether it’s the perfect CRM, no-code web development, or the perfect live chat solution, the tech you choose matters. When you equip your team with the right tools, their focus can be spent on the things that matter most to get you actual results, and a return on your marketing investment.

How to Generate Leads as You Scale

As you grow, even if you have funding, you’re still going to need solid, marketing qualified leads as you scale and grow. In fact, you’ll likely be under pressure to find a new edge that allows you to generate more new business than ever before. Using chat is a proven, reliable way to do just that– and to make sure these leads are properly qualified.

There are two key ways to approach lead generation with chat: 

First, you can learn more about your prospects than ever before. Through conversation, people tell you details voluntarily that you wouldn’t learn otherwise. And you’ll also find that when you’re having meaningful conversations, if your products and services are a match, you’ll get more conversions (depending if you are engaging with the right audience or not).

Secondly, you can focus on driving traffic to your website. As you begin to bring more people to your site and start conversations with them, you begin to identify what they have in common, and if these traits you’re looking for. What size company do they have? What pages are they visiting on your site? How long are they staying? What’s the last place they visited before leaving? What specific industry are they in? By asking these questions, you can identify patterns. When a pattern is strong enough, you can begin making tweaks to your user journey, messaging, and landing pages, etc.

Support Your Existing Customer Base

Once you acquire customers, the relationship is only just beginning. You need to be thinking about how you’re going to serve your new customer base in the long run. As you’re still in a phase where you’re scaling up, you may not have the resources and staff to meet the expectations of the customers you’ve acquired

At the beginning of a customer relationship, you want to give an amazing first impression so you don’t damage the customer’s perception of your brand. If you use chat to deliver a warm, tailored experience you’re setting a great tone early on, and can win long-term customers.

Also, when you use chat, there’s a chat history for each user which allows you to give them a VIP service when they arrive at the site. They won’t have to start over from scratch each visit, and you can quickly and easily meet any of their needs.

In this article, we’ll convey to you how live chat can be used to improve the entire customer life-cycle.
In this article, we’ll convey to you how live chat can be used to improve the entire customer life-cycle.
March 25, 2022

Shape Future Product Updates

Chat is your best marketing research tool, hands down. When someone is engaged in a conversation, they freely speak their mind, and give you thoughts, opinions, and insights that would be virtually impossible to gather anywhere else. 

You can see emerging patterns, take note of repeated questions or comments, and glean other customer insights. This information is a powerful tool that can help you deliver the exact offering that your existing market would love. 

 If you tried to achieve this sort of marketing research without chat it would be challenging. 

Ask yourself this: do you have someone on the team who can spend their time dedicated to outreach? And even if you do, how many attempts would they have to make to reach customers, or attempt to “survey” people? With chat, you’re gathering this information seamlessly as a byproduct of helping customers and giving them what they want.

A Focus On Quality

If lead generating and scaling aren’t handled properly at this stage, you risk stagnating your growth, or worse… you could go backwards. Here are some mistakes we see some companies make for driving new business. This often happens when their focus is on quantity of leads, and trying to get them for as cheaply as possible. Watching the bottom line alone but not watching overall lead quality will begin to take its toll. 

Be careful who you partner with. There are some companies that offer a low-cost solution of service that may quickly plug a gap you have, but unless you vet those companies properly, what are the consequences in the long term? Take lead generation for example. If you’re receiving leads at a cut rate, or from the wrong provider– be certain the quality is there. If not, you’re wasting valuable marketing dollars (and the sales team’s time) trying to save money. 

Quality customer support is key. If you opt for support staff that is the lowest priced, you will sadly get what you pay for. Your customers don’t just want “an answer”, they want “the answer to their specific question” from a thoughtful, educated brand representative. Visitors may interact with your support team and end up feeling worse about their question or issue. This can lead to a loss of customers, a decrease in sales, and negative reviews across the web and on social media among other things.

We Help Business’s Grow

We have experience working with businesses of all shapes and sizes – and whether you’re just beginning, or have been around for a bit, we can help. We have experience using chat to deliver the perfect message to your prospects no matter what stage they are in their customer life cycle.

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