Infographic: Brewing Up the Best Content

Here at The Chat Shop we spend plenty of time deciding how we can generate more leads for our clients, in fact we have a whole programme devoted solely to Lead Generation. One of the most crucial elements of any lead generation site though is good content. Content marketing is the staple food of generating and nurturing leads. It builds trust between you and your potential customers, shows you are an expert in your field and better teaches people about your company and services.

Knowing the importance of good content and the fact that we love a cheeky beer come Friday, meant we had to share this infographic from The ExactTarget Blog. Salesforce teamed up with Kapost to produce this infographic which relates creating great content to creating great beer. It’s full of useful tips to help you create the right content for your audience, no matter which stage of the buying process they are at. So if you need to improve your content marketing and lead generation, and enjoy a swift pint; sit back with a cold one, scroll through and enjoy!

Brewing Up the Best Content

This infographic is brought to you by ExactTarget Marketing Cloud and Kapost.