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How to Grow Your Business Using Live Chat Proactives

June 10, 2021
June 10, 2021

How can you grow your business with proactive live chat?

Over the last two years, The Chat Shop’s own Adil Hussain has been working with clients to leverage their live chat programmes for business growth and turn the channel into a money-making machine. He’s helped The Chat Shop’s customers like Leasing Options and FLOS achieve a 12x higher conversion rate, make their marketing budget work harder and get a 900% return on their investment in live chat.

TL;DR Adil knows exactly what he’s doing when it comes to optimising live chat for sales. And you’re in luck, because he’s giving away his secrets on how to grow a business with live chat proactives.

In this video, Adil explains what a live chat proactive is, how they can help you improve the effectiveness of a live chat programme with the right live chat strategy and gives you some real-life examples of how he has put them into action.

What is a live chat proactive?

So you’re probably wondering, what on earth is a live chat proactive? You’re not the only one. A live chat proactive simply describes the interactive invitation from a chat widget; it’s that mechanism where a live chat widget pops up. Usually, you’ll see a face that says, “Hey, welcome to XYZ company, how can I help you?”

Note: this isn’t a good live chat proactive! If you want to learn how to write stellar live chat proactive copy, check out our article here.

Why should you use proactive live chat?

One of the reasons that we’re such big fans of live chat – and especially proactive live chat – is the hard data. Did you know that when a user on your web site engages in a live chat interaction, they’re anywhere from 5 to 15x more likely to convert into a lead, a booking, a sale, or a transaction (whatever your end goal is). The more we can do to engage somebody on your website into a conversation using live chat, the more likely they are to covert and ultimately help your business grow.

Utilizing live chat proactives engages more people on your website into a conversation in real time. They increase the likelihood of your website users converting.

How does proactive live chat work?

What rocket science or witchcraft goes into proactive live chat to make it happen? Like, how does that little box pop up, anyway? The honest answer is, the making of a proactive is really as fancy as you want it to be. You just need to bring your A-game to get the most out of the software.

There are plenty of built-in tools that pretty much any old live chat software has. For example, they’ll allow you to set up a live chat proactive that’s something as simple as saying hello to all users after they’re on your website for, say, 30 seconds.

Or you can get serious. If you’re a Google Analytics wizard, you can really dig into your website data. Identify segments of users with specific intent to capture more leads or convert more sales. This is exactly how we utilize proactive live chat at The Chat Shop for our customers.

Here are some of the segments you might want to capture with tailored, specific live chat proactives:

  • Users who have visited a landing page from a PPC campaign
  • Users who have browsed multiple product pages and haven’t converted
  • Users who have broken a sequence (think navigating from a landing page to product page to checkout, but not reaching the confirmation page)

Proactive live chat enables you to capture all of these people easily. And proactive live chat can be configured with as many triggers and as many conditions as you want to target the right people and engage them in a conversation at the right time, with the right message. Get it right and you’ll smash your sales and customer experience goals.

How proactive live chat can provide personalization at scale

Remember going into a real, bricks and mortar store? While shopping, you’d have a store assistant come to you at the right time and mention, “Hey, that’s a great choice” or “That’s the perfect one” once a product has caught your eye. A good shop assistant can give you that little nudge of encouragement at the right time and turn you into a paying customer right then and there.

That’s missing from any ecommerce store. No matter how intelligent your platform is, no matter how good your basket abandonment emails are, no matter how much CRO and A/B testing you’re investing in, you can’t replace that human touch online.

Proactive live chat can enable you to redress that missing human touch in your online sales and increase ecommerce conversion. Live chat proactives allow you to identify people based on their user behavior, invite them into a conversation at the right time, with a tailored, specific message based on what they’re doing in real time.

A well made live chat proactive invitation is a great method to replicate the in-store experience online. You can capture a user based on their specific behavior and ask them a personalized question based on where they are in the buying journey.

Proactive live chat strategy in action

So you’re convinced. Proactive live chat convert more website visitors into paying customers. It can grow your business by redressing that missing human touch. But what does a good proactive live chat strategy look like?

Let’s take a look at award-winning car leasing company Leasing Options. They were Adil’s first customer and the first live chat strategy he developed at The Chat Shop.

Leasing Options came to The Chat Shop with ambitious growth targets. They wanted to squeeze more revenue from their marketing budget and generate more qualified leads from their existing website traffic.

Adil developed a live chat strategy that turned Leasing Options’s live chat program into a marketing lifeline with a 900% live chat ROI.

Now you’re probably thinking, that’s all great but where does proactive live chat come into this? Adil analyzed the Leasing Options Google Analytics and identified key dropoff points in customer journeys and pages with high bounce rates. From this, he created a tailored strategy to capture users before they exited the Leasing Options website with specific, relevant live chat proactives.

Just like a stellar shop assistant can greet you, compliment the product you’ve picked up and help you check out, a proactive on Leasing Options can capture a user and encourage conversion. If a user is browsing a page dedicated to a Ford Fiesta, for example, a live chat proactive will fire with a tailored message saying, ” Hey, Ford Fiesta’s a great car! What color are you looking for?” With this specificity built into your live chat proactive, you can capture and convert more users with high intent.

Live Chat Proactive Top Tip for Growth: As opposed to asking “Hey, how can I help you?” or other generic wording, write proactive copy that acknowledges the website and web page that your website visitor is seeing. Make sure that you’re enticing visitors to engage in conversation by being as specific as possible about their journey on your website.

So are you ready to grow your business using live chat? Find out more about our award-winning live chat outsourcing.

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