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Find out how FLOS USA uses The Chat Shop’s award-winning managed live chat and engagement tools to attract new customers, increase ecommerce conversion, and maximize their ecommerce competitiveness.


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Not only did The Chat Shop take the time to understand the nuances of our products (a complex task), but a big component of their success was the high level of service from their team, from meetings with us to analytics and feedback insights. I am happy to say The Chat Shop surpassed the ROI goal we had in place, sealing the deal that they will be a continued and long-standing partner of ours.

Daniel Kamen, E-Commerce Director at Flos USA

Flos is a global leader in lighting design founded in Italy in 1962. Flos uses The Chat Shop’s managed chat service to leverage customer conversion from existing traffic and guide shoppers through the digital journey. The Chat Shop delivers quality conversations based on a human understanding of consumer behaviour to increase conversion and deliver sales in creative, high-value markets.

The problem

Flos lights the way (pun intended) in design. Their distinguished brand of designed modern lighting needed to remain intact when they outsourced chat to increase their ecommerce conversions.

But how can you deliver a high-converting, luxury brand experience online?

Flos wanted to find a way to deliver that human-to-human offline purchase experience to their digital shoppers in a way that reflected their luxury brand. But, how were they to increase online conversion, deliver sales, and give visitors that perfect, human shopping experience whilst seeing their ROI climb?

Answer: Managed Chat by The Chat Shop

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Our solution

Basket abandonment is the bane of the ecommerce business. To patch their digital funnel, we dived into Flos’s Google Analytics to identify pages to interact with customers at the right time, with targeted, brand-conscious messaging tailored to their journey, to get people chatting (and converting!). This strategy allowed us to engage with more visitors at the right time in their digital journey.

Basic FAQs don’t cut it if you want to create a meaningful interaction, especially when you’re chatting about a big investment (or want to talk through how mid-century minimalism can mesh with your kitchen). To get high-quality interactions, we created one of our bespoke KnowledgeBases to educate our team and have conversations that guide the shopper through their digital journey, allowing us to drive conversions for Flos while providing exceptional service.

We use our in-house training and testing methodologies to ensure that our chat experts can meaningfully engage with Flos shoppers on over 200 SKUs while delivering an exceptional, brand-conscious customer experience.

The results

Using Google Analytics-targeted messaging and high-quality conversations to drive lead generation and sales, The Chat Shop was able to deliver overall uplift across several key metrics.

In just one year working with The Chat Shop, Flos achieved a 99% in CSAT scores. And with their digital journey supercharged by our industry award-winning experts, Flos saw their conversion increase by 15x.

Flos sees a whopping 12x return on investment in The Chat Shop’s managed chat service. Bang for your ecommerce buck.