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Boost conversions with conversational commerce

Our live chat for ecommerce increases conversions by breaking down barriers to purchase with a human touch. We’ve moved beyond transactional exchanges to memorable ones, we use the power of conversation to increase conversion from your existing traffic.

Some of the aspirational brands we work with

The funnel is broken

You’re putting time and effort pumping traffic to your site but on average converting just 2% of those visitors into a customer. What happened to the other 98%?

Potential customers are browsing your site, right now. But they’re just not getting in touch. Our live chat for eCommerce programme revolves around how we can identify and speak to those users who are interested in purchasing but aren’t ready to make a move themselves.

Through creating conversations that matter, prospects we talk to are 5 times more likely to buy, with a 20% higher average order value.

How we can help


Every customers’ needs are unique. Using data analytics, we identify opportunities to improve ecommerce conversion. We ensure we’re delivering the right message, at the right time to make a genuine impact on your bottom line. 


We bring the in-store experience online. By engaging directly with your customers in real-time, we can offer tailored product recommendations, provide detailed information, and make it incredibly easy to buy from you.


With all the barriers to purchase removed, we support customers through the check out process. Increased conversion. Reduced basket abandonment. Happier customers.

Extending your team

We’re award-winning ecommerce converters with the strategy and people to reach out to prospective customers and make sure you provide an outstanding customer experience from day one.

Knowing your business is vital, of course. That’s why we become an extension of your team; your Account Manager will lead you through our thorough knowledge transfer process.

We develop a tailored live chat strategy and build an exhaustive knowledge base with hundreds of data points.

Our UK and US-based live chat agents complete detailed paid training specific to your business, brand identity, and conversion goals.

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Not only did [The Chat Shop] take the time to understand the nuances of our products (a complex task), but to be on brand was a concern when we were considering using a partner. A big component of their success was the extremely high level of customer service from their team, meetings with us, analytics, feedback, etc. They will be a continued and long-standing partners of ours.

Daniel Kamen, E-Commerce Director at Flos USA

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People who chat with us convert 7.5x higher than site average.


In revenue generated from conversions and sales delivered by our team


Customer satisfaction rating – the highest in the industry

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