Sales enablement

Our sales enablement programme combines data-driven engagement, with the best chat team in the business. We’re experts at using the power of conversation to deliver more leads from your existing traffic.

Find out how we can help skyrocket your sales today.

The funnel is broken

You’re putting time and effort pumping traffic to your site but on average, converting just 2% of those visitors to a lead. What happened to the other 98%?

Our sales enablement programme revolves around how we can identify and speak to those users who are interested in your product or service, but aren’t ready to make a move themselves.

Same traffic, more sales.

Changing the game

Potential customers are browsing your site, right now. But they’re just not getting in touch.

This is the gap. The gap between an interested, ideal customer and a lead for the sales team.

Our programme bridges this gap through the power of targeted, personal conversations.


It’s very reassuring to know that all relevant visitors to our site are invited to engage in conversation.
Our lead generation and internal processes have now changed as a consequence of the quality and the insight of the live chat leads we have from potential customers.

Simon Keeley, Marketing Manager, Bickerton and Rainworth Skoda

Why people like talking to us

It’s not enough just to have chat on your site. You’ve got to get people to use it.

We build an extensive visitor profile based on your site and existing traffic behaviour. This means we can identify key engagement opportunities to deliver the right message at the right time – and why people visiting your site want to talk to us.

Once live we use the data we produce to get better. Our skilled Account Managers ‘get’ digital marketing and are responsible for optimising your chat programme to get the best results.

It works too. We speak to 150% more visitors than the industry average. It’s a lot more than just putting a box on your site.

Ain't no mountain high enough

You need people you can trust to be the first point of contact for your brand. That’s why we demand such a high standard of our live chat experts – and why our ‘chatters’ rise to every new challenge we throw at them.

We’ve tackled everything from cosmetic surgery to financial investments. And every new recruit completes 100 hours of paid training and need a 100% pass rate over three test phases.

This means we maintain a 99% customer satisfaction rating – and turn 1 out of 3 chats into a qualified lead.

Typical programme

Lead generation

A strategic programme based on one thing, how can we use chat to get you more leads. From site reviews, to traffic profiling and engagement approaches.


Setting up chat is one part, making an external team fit seamlessly with yours is another. Custom knowledge base built for your business, optimised for chat with over 200 points of information.

Live chat outsourcing for sales

UK and US based sales through service chat team. Our live chat experts are the kind of people you’d hire, but they’re committed to one thing, excellence in chat.


Data is our friend so each week we check in. Our optimisation programme means we see what’s working and what’s not, so we grow and improve with you.


Average increase in leads delivered for our customers

In revenue generated from leads and sales delivered by our team

Customer satisfaction rating – the highest in the industry