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Live chat for luxury retailers, handled with precision. Find out how 77 Diamonds uses our award-winning managed live chat to attract new customers and increase sales.

The client

The challenge

77 Diamonds recognised the gap between their in-store showroom customer experience and their website. To bring luxury customer service to their website visitors, 77 Diamonds initiated a live chat customer service programme during their opening hours. Without in-house live chat specialists, strategists, or data-crunchers, they weren’t using live chat as the sales tool we know it can be; 77 Diamonds were missing valuable appointment bookings, especially when it came to chatting with website visitors out-of-hours.

Where can you find certified live chat experts to deliver award-winning digital journey strategy and lead generation?

Answer: Managed chat by The Chat Shop

Our solution

When we’re developing a live chat programme, we start with strategy and knowledge. To bring 77 Diamonds’ showroom experience to their website visitors and generate valuable leads from out-of-hours traffic, our digital strategists, knowledge managers, and live chat experts dove into Google Analytics, brand promises, and conversion goals.

What could live chat do? What site page visits were the perfect moment to interact with customers? How could a luxury brand trust an outsourced partner to give the same service as their in-house team? What brand-conscious messaging would compel a prospect to become a 77 Diamonds customer?

The results

The Chat Shop’s out-of-hours shared service live chat programme for 77 Diamonds has evolved to improve the customer experience from first site visit to customer delight, even when the showroom team is asleep.

Using the power of human-led conversational marketing, Google Analytics-backed decisions on data, and a brand-conscious, award-winning live chat expert team, The Chat Shop have helped 77 Diamonds bring their luxury customer experience online with 99% CSAT scores.

With advanced analytics proactive targeting to deliver the right message at the right time to each 77 Diamonds customer, The Chat Shop are able to generate up to 700 valuable appointment bookings straight to the 77 Diamonds team’s CRM.

And for those customers who want to do their shopping online and through chat, our live chat experts can assist customers at every step of the way using our advanced customer tracking to reach out and ensure smooth conversion at any point. That’s how The Chat Shop can deliver 77 Diamonds a 322% return on their investment in award-winning managed live chat.

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