Ski Solutions

Managed live chat case study

Ski Solutions is Britain’s original and largest specialist ski travel agency. Based Thameside in London but heading for the mountains every winter, the Ski Solutions team are as passionate about skiing (and snowboarding) as they are about their quality of service. Providing their customers with the same excellent, knowledgeable service and support they would expect themselves is the basis of their customer experience strategy. The Chat Shop provides a seamless out-of-hours customer experience across chat on behalf of Ski Solutions. The Chat Shop delivers quality conversations based on a human understanding of consumer behaviour to engage, support, and guide customers with personalised, nuanced, and award-winning customer service.

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The problem

Ski Solutions wanted to provide a tailored, personal digital engagement that reflected their brand emphasis on bespoke luxury holiday packages. So, they brought their best together to create an in-house team able to staff their multi-channel offerings and provide the best experience, from browsing to booking. But they realised prospects and shoppers were still coming to their website after work and school – the same time the Ski Solutions team were out of the office.

How can you deliver high-quality, personalised, real-time support out-of-hours and represent your brand with award-winning service?

Answer: Managed Chat by The Chat Shop


With The Chat Shop’s expert help everything was soon up and running and showing a positive result, even in the first month. I would certainly recommend The Chat Shop.

Hugo Clarke, Sales Manager at Ski Solutions

Our solution

Ski Solutions needed an outsourcing team that would protect and maintain their brand and company essence out-of-hours. For them, there was no choice: The Chat Shop was the only partner in the industry up to the task. With award-winning customer service and a proven track record of brand and knowledge management, the integration was seamless between The Chat Shop’s experts and Ski Solutions’ in-house team.

The Chat Shop’s out-of-hours offering for Ski Solutions has evolved to improve the customer experience of online shoppers at every stage of their booking journey and after, even when the Ski Solutions team is asleep.

We worked with Ski Solutions to build a customer engagement strategy with their brand at the heart of everything. To get high-quality interactions, convert browsers to excited travellers, and resolve issues effectively, we created one of our bespoke KnowledgeBases to educate our award-winning UK and US-based team, allowing us to engage with Ski Solutions’ visitors at the right time, with the right message, personalised to their journey.

And we use our in-house training and testing methodologies to ensure that our chat experts can meaningfully engage with Ski Solutions’ customers on everything from planning the perfect anniversary break to updating an existing booking, all while delivering an exceptional customer experience.

The results

Using the power of high-quality conversations to resolve customer queries,  Google Analytics to generate new leads from out-of-hours traffic, and ensure bookings are suited to customers’ desires, The Chat Shop is able to deliver systematic improvements across several key metrics for our partners at Ski Solutions.

The Chat Shop are proud to deliver Ski Solutions a 99% in CSAT scores. And that satisfaction translates; Ski Solutions sees a whopping 52% of all leads delivered by The Chat Shop convert to customers after chatting with our experts – that’s a boost of 40% more leads since Ski Solutions joined The Chat Shop family.

Most impressive, Ski Solutions sees a whopping 501% average return on their investment in The Chat Shop’s services.