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Looking for the best live chat agents in the business?
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Highly trained UK and US based live chat agents to manage your live chat.

It's all about you

At The Chat Shop, we get that you’re looking for live chat agents for a business need.

You might be using chat already, you might not. You might be wanting to drive sales, or provide outstanding support. Maybe you need to make a better ROI on your website traffic.

Whatever the reason you’re looking for live chat agents, we start with that. Your goals matter to us. Our live chat agents are there to deliver on them.

Our recipe for success

Rigorous selection

We accept just 1% of applications to be a live chat agent

We hire English native speakers only – UK and US based

Live chat agents receive 100+ hours of paid training

On-going development

On-going weekly measurement across 20 metrics

Custom personal development plans for each live chat agent

Supported by leading technology to ensure effectiveness

Outstanding results

99% customer satisfaction (which is industry leading)

27 second average response times

50% increase in leads generated for our customers

Live chat agents for sales

Skilled UK and US based live chat agents geared to drive sales from your website. Delivering a 5x increase in lead generation.

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Live chat agents for support

Our live chat agents are the support team your customers love. Able to handle basic FAQs to technical troubleshooting. You can provide 99% customer satisfaction in a click.

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Out of hours live chat agents

We all need to sleep. Our out of hours live chat agents mean your chat can keep running, even when you’re counting sheep.

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Dedicated live chat agents

Got a lot of traffic? Want to use your own live chat solution? Need highly complicated systems to be accessed? Dedicated live chat agents are your resource, recruited and managed by us.

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Shared service live chat agents

Get the best of both worlds. From overflow to splitting sales and support. Our live chat agents working together to provide a shared service team across your business and The Chat Shop.

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Help desk agents

If you’re drowning in a sea of emails, we can help. From Zendesk to Freshdesk our agents are able to filter, respond to and escalate your incoming emails.

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Sales and support services for aspirational brands across industries. Here’s a selection of brands we work with: