Live Chat Consulting

Our live chat consulting programmes are designed to let you shortcut our learnings and use them for your own success. We’ve got what it takes to help you make chat a core channel, not just another widget.

We're the experts in live chat

Anyone can install a widget, but that won’t get you the results you want. With 8 years of experience under our belt and having delivered millions in revenue for our customers, we know that the right approach makes all the difference.

Our live chat consulting programmes are based on real learnings from delivering live chat every day. These programmes work with our outsourced services, or to help you get chat working better in-house.

Our Unique Approach

Our consulting approach gives you the option of how much or little support you want from us, and the flexibility to work out your perfect solution.



Every project kicks off with discovery to understand your market, business, customers and ambitions.



We develop optimal strategies that are highly targeted to maximise ROI through a blend of automated and human conversation.



Our world-class team work with you to implement online conversation into your business.



Utilising your team or ours, we upskill team members to deliver exceptional online conversations.



We continuously improve your automated and human conversation based on data and insights to ensure market-leading ROI.


What can we do for your business?

One thing we’ve learned after 8 years of doing this, is that every client faces different challenges and has different needs.


Let’s chat so we can start to learn about yours.