EIM: Not Every Customer Enquiry Is The Same

road-street-sign-way.jpgTo deliver the best live chat in the business, we believe that you need the best people in the business (shout out to our agents, woo!). But those people also need to be supported by suitable processes and technology to boot.

People, then processes, then technology. For us, that’s the order of things; things that work. There are few technologies where this is truer than live chat.

One of our most important processes is our Explore Identify Match methodology. We don’t use scripts here at The Chat Shop; we believe in real conversations that achieve the goals of our clients and their website visitors. Every conversation is unique and our client specific EIMs guide our experts in discovering  visitor wants and needs before providing a personalised solution.

One of the situations where our methodology is most effective is when a customer, prospect or lead doesn’t know their own question. Sounds bonkers but it happens more often than you think…and you’re probably a culprit too!

Have you ever typed something into Google not knowing exactly what you were searching for? Something along the lines of “Who’s that guy in the film where they’re in France?” Well that’s you not knowing your own question.

Imagine if the folks at Google could talk back to you and understand what you wanted to ask after just a short chat. Well that’s what our EIM does for customers, prospects and leads that don’t know how to phrase their question. Except it’s us doing the chatting on your website, not the folks at Google on Google (of course).


A universal methodology

Unlike a rigid script, an EIM can also be there for website visitors that just don’t know the right vocabulary. And those who do know their question but who still need the perfect solution.

As the name suggests, an EIM is made up of three steps:

1. Explore – discover wants
2. Identify – discover needs
3. Match – deliver perfect solution

In the first section, our live chat experts use the conversation to Explore website visitor wants. To put it simply, this is where agents find out what question the visitor is trying to ask. Why they are chatting with us.

Second, agents use questions to Identify the needs of the visitor. Agents find out what requirements will have to be met in order for the answer or next step to be suitable.

Third and final is Match. Agents take the information they’ve gathered (from discovering the visitor’s question to understanding their needs) and decide what the next best step is for the visitor. The visitor wants and needs are Matched to the perfect solution.


No two visitors are the same

Visitors come to you with different applications for your product or service, with different product knowledge and different problems. They need a service tailored to their needs, not some generic FAQs. Each visitor deserves a unique conversation, which results in a unique solution.

Website visitors shouldn’t be forced to interact with a script and your live chat agents shouldn’t be forced to try and use one. Your agents should be able to use their personalities to have real conversations with website visitors and build relationships.

The EIM helps our agents centre their conversation around key topics (so that they can provide quick problem resolution) whilst remaining human.

It’s a methodology that we customise for each client and a number of chat services.

Above all, we don’t use scripts because your customers (and other website visitors) can’t force their questions into your script. If they don’t know exactly what their question is or the right vocabulary to use, how do you expect them to fill in a ‘problem reporting’ form that you’ve reeled off?

The EIM helps our agents to deliver a 99% customer satisfaction rating and our award-winning live chat outsourcing service, with an industry leading in chat average response time of 32 seconds. It also allows us to understand the needs of prospects; we qualify and convert up to 50% more leads from existing traffic using our methodology.

We have real conversations that deliver real results.

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