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Everything eCommerce Podcast EP 5: Payments

June 10, 2021
June 10, 2021

Welcome to episode five of our brand new podcast, Everything eCommerce, the show where we speak to industry leaders and dive into the latest news, tips and tricks for growing your business online.

In this episode, we discussed all things relating to payments with Cormac Cahill. Watch the full video below to hear what we talked about.

About Our Guest
Cormac started his career in a number of small tech startups in the UK and Sweden with varying degrees of success, then joined Klarna in 2017 just before the company hit serious growth in the UK. Since then, Klarna has become a must-have for online retailers looking to grow. Recent results have shown Klarna now has 190,000 global merchants, attracting 16 million new customers globally, 55,000 new customers every week in the UK alone.

Cormac now has extensive experience in the online payments industry and how Klarna and many other payment methods are disrupting the once stale payment landscape. He has worked with forward-thinking merchants like Peloton, Beauty Bay, Coach, Finisterre and now leads a team of 10 as Klarna expands more into SMEs, allowing any merchant access to alternative payment methods. Despite being Klarna’s global ambassador, Cormac has not met Snoop Dogg yet.

About the Podcast
Everything eCommerce is a brand new podcast where we will be discussing everything relating to growing an online business. Each week we will be meeting with industry leaders to discuss a new topic, tapping into a wealth of eCommerce knowledge from industries such as consultancy, eCommerce platforms, agencies and more. It’s a show that takes deep-dive into industry issues, keeps you up to date with the latest news, and dishes out tips and tricks for growing your eCommerce business.

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