The 7 benefits of using a chatbot on your website

There is a reason why chatbots have exploded in popularity in recent years. Many businesses are now understanding the potential of using AI on their website, and are having great results in doing so. Let’s take a look at some of the top benefits of using a chatbot.

1. Bots are 24/7

Humans need to sleep, which means your team will either be offline at certain hours of the day, or you will need to employ more people to work through the night. Bots can handle out of hours queries and be on hand 24/7, driving leads and sales of answering queries while you count sheep. 

2. Limitless capacity

Humans are brilliant at handling in-depth, sensitive topics, but they can only take on a few chats at a time. If your business is large, or you are dealing with a busy period, you may need an extra set of hands to answer questions. Chatbots are essentially limitless, with the right software, they can handle as many chats as they need to concurrently, freeing up your human team for more important things.

robot sitting on floor

3. Live chat agent handover 

It doesn’t have to be one or the other, chatbots often work best when blended with live chat agents. By using a chatbot for simple FAQs, you can streamline the customer experience by getting them fast answers and passing them over to the right department if need be. A seamless hybrid experience, all in one chat window.

4. Cost-effective

Due to needing fewer employees on hand to deal with customer enquiries, AI chat can be a really great way of keeping costs down. Depending on complexity and your needs, chatbots can often be cheaper to set up too.

code on computer screen

5. Instant responses

Humans are brilliant, but they need time to type and find information. Although our live chat team responds with an average response time under 30 seconds, many employees aren’t trained appropriately and don’t have the skills needed to handle queries efficiently. Bots answer instantly, meaning no waiting around.

6. Automate routine tasks

There are so many integrations available for chat, meaning you can use a chatbot to handle routine tasks that would otherwise be trickier for the customer or time consuming for your chat agents. By allowing the bot to make informational changes such as updating contact details, you free up your human team for more important tasks.

7. Automatic updates

This works particularly well in apps like Facebook Messenger, but can also be effective on your website. Automatic updates can alert customers on their order status, keeping them in the loop. Updates can also provide discount codes, competitions or suitable advertising, keeping your business fresh in mind.

Final thoughts

If you’re not sure whether human or AI chat is right for you, or you just need a bit of friendly, expert advice, get in touch with us.