Increase Conversions on Your Website with this 1 Hack

As far back as 2012 ecommerce conversion sales were worth well over one trillion US dollars. Let’s put that into perspective: Only 15 countries have a total GDP of more than one trillion dollars. That’s a lot of sales. And with an average growth rate of 19% a year, e-commerce is only getting bigger.

And you want a slice of that sweet e-commerce cake.

ecommerce conversion

Slice of cake that represents your e-commerce potential. Stay with me.

But the digital marketplace is like a cereal aisle that never ends. (First cake, now cereal?)

So, you spend time and money getting traffic to your cereal box (or website). SEO, PPC, and even your gleaming new Facebook campaign are working overtime. But on average, just 2% of those visitors convert to a lead…and even less make it all the way through to being your customer. What happened to the other 98%? SEO, PPC, and pixels have done their jobs. You’ve optimised your drop-down menu, made your search results beautiful, and dumped your marketing budget on good product viewsand everything else you’ve read is necessary to keep pace with the competition. The next thing you’re going to ‘optimise’ is the office dog, you’re on such a roll.

So, if your website is optimised and your advertising is running flawlessly, what’s wrong with your e-commerce funnel? Why aren’t you getting those sweet e-commerce conversions?

ecommerce conversion

Where are the conversions? This is potentially you looking at your Google Analytics.

We’ve got the one hack to boost your conversion rate – just in time for Cyber Monday.

It’s the Human Touch.

What is the Human Touch?

That Human Touch is what makes physical shopping a joy and why people still head out to to the shop in the age of digital dominance.

increase ecommerce conversion

Physical shopping? A joy? People?

One advantage that brick-and-mortar stores have over e-commerce sites is that customers can interact with a salesperson in real time, get their questions answered, and make a decision right there. But, there is a huge hole in e-commerce due to the lack of humans on a website (duh). And it distinctly affects shopping habits. 52% of survey respondents said that a decision not to purchase a product was made “at least sometimes” because they couldn’t get help from a person.

People, online? Yes, people online!

increase ecommerce conversion

TL;DR: Real people are best persuaded and assured by real people. So, at least sometimes, your PPC, SEO, and website optimisation efforts are for nothing if you can’t offer the Human Touch on your site. To quote a certain president’s Twitter: Sad!

I’m not talking just customer support; I’m saying you need to focus on the experience your visitors have from your beautiful (and maybe costly) Facebook creative right through to checkout. Given that brands lose £116bn a year from customers switching to another brand, it’s vital that you’re competing (for old and new customers alike) where it matters most: Digital customer experience.

According to a survey by Adobe, the number one way that most businesses seek to differentiate themselves from their competition is by delivering an optimal customer experience. They rated customer experience as even more important than product innovation (which came in second place). And according to a Gartner report, 18% of total marketing budgets were being spent on customer experience in 2014. Across the board, executives rank digital customer engagement as a top strategic priority, with evidence suggesting that consumer spending patterns mirror digital priorities. Or is it vice versa?

5 Killer Tips for Increasing Your E-Commerce Conversions with the Human Touch

These aren’t the droids you’re looking for. The Human Touch is.

But the Human Touch isn’t just a tactic that can be tacked onto your existing website practices. It can’t just be one more optimised page or nice creative ad.

Cyber Monday

But don’t flip any tables yet. It’s easy to mix in and completely pain-free.

The Human Touch must permeate all levels of your business and inform your every thought and action to leverage the best of your acquisition practices and increase conversions on your website. Get visitors converting through more than just mediocre personalisation (we all know that’s the standard now anyway); engage them with a full, human-to-human experience that puts your customer at the heart of your brand.

So, how can you supercharge your e-commerce site with the Human Touch? Hack your growth for Cyber Monday by getting the most out of your site’s traffic with these 5 killer tips to increase conversions on your website using The Human Touch.

Show me those tips