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Starting Out With Personalised Marketing Campaigns In Three Easy Steps

June 10, 2021
June 10, 2021

Over the last decade, people’s behaviours have changed. Advertising and marketing aren’t working anymore the way it used to work. Did you know for example that 86% of the people skip TV ads? Or that 44% of direct mail is never opened? If you want to keep on attracting customers to your business you have to change your game. You have to start providing something your consumers will love. This is where Inbound Marketing is coming in.

But as more and more companies start to realise this the volume of messaging (even relevant ones) are increasing year over year and all your competitor are fishing in the same pool. So how can you distinguish yourself from your competitors? One of the best ways is to start being even more relevant by using personalisation.

According to research done by Econsultancy, “personalisation ranks as the most important capability in regard to future marketing efforts” Not only does personalisation need to be at the centre of your online strategy, but it also needs to be there on all the different channels you’re operating on.

If operated in the correct way, personalisation can be a win-win for both your customers and your organisation. Think about it, when customers get a better personalised experience, they will start to interact more with your organisation. You can create exclusive special offers just for them, special information, etc. This increased interaction will more likely result in more visits on the site, and potentially more purchases from your company. They get the offers and the content they want and you and your organisation end up with more sales.

In this blog post, we want to dive into some tips on how to better implement and use personalisation within your organisation so you can get the most out of it.

#1 Buyer Personas

The first step in getting started is with Buyer Personas. Knowing your audience is crucial. But if you’re just starting out with your business it’s difficult to pinpoint already the exact type of audience you’re having. Over at Inbound Rocket we wrote an in-depth blog post around building better buyer personas so you can create killer content. To start with Buyer Personas, you have to think about who your key buyers are and how you can start creating different roles for your (existing) audience.

There are different ways to use your social media for collecting information about your customers as well. Use whatever you have to your advantage.

Each of your personas has fundamentally different challenges, goals and traits. Make sure to map them out, as a result, your conversations with your customers should already start to look different and more tailored to their needs.

#2 Landing Pages

A landing page is a dedicated web page connected to a campaign with one goal. Conversion. Landing pages can be set up around specific giveaways for your customers. People can land on these pages via an external link like an email campaign, PPC advertising or from a social media platform, like Twitter. Landing pages can also be used in offline campaigns where you integrate your offline campaign with an online one. You could have a print advertising with a specific URL or a direct mail campaign redirecting the readers to a specific page.

Another way for your customers to reach a landing page is by having specific call-to-actions (CTA) across your website. People who are reading this article, for example, could be served with a specific CTA at the end for them to download more information.

Landing Pages are great ways to capture more data from your customers so you can better serve them in the future. Hubspot does this perfectly for example by sending out emails with links to download relevant content. With each different email and each different landing page connected to it they ask a little bit of information. This request is often different for each landing page and helps them to collect more information about their customers. Collecting this information is the next step into more detailed profiles from your customers.

#3 Collecting even more data

Now that we have mapped out our buyer personas, we started collecting more than just your customers email addresses; it’s time to get even more personal.

You can learn a lot from your customers by looking into how they interact with your marketing campaigns. Almost all email campaign software gives you the ability to watch which emails are opened by who. Which links do they click in the emails? What sort of content are they accessing at your website, or what sort of content are they downloading?

Inbound Rocket, gives WordPress owners the ability to build complete profiles of your website visitors. How often are they coming back, what content are they viewing, etc. All this information helps you as a business owner to start creating the extensive profiles you need to build personalised offerings and emails. Did you know that personalised email improve click-through rates by 14%, and conversions by 10%?

So now after following the above three steps, you should have enough to get started with personalised inbound marketing. And remember, successful personalisation can only be achieved by offering your customers with the exact information they want:

  • start building those buyer personas and capture (basic) information at the earliest stage as possible
  • observe how leads and customers interact with your content
  • use these observations to create more content that fits with your customers’ needs and interests
  • encourage your company to become personal, everybody wants to interact more with a team of people than yet another faceless corporation.

How are you building personal profiles and implementing personalisation in your campaigns? Let us know in the comments!

About the guest author


Hans van Gent is the founder of Inbound Rocket and has years of experience in (digital) marketing. Next to this Hans teaches early stage startups about Customer Development and everything that comes with the launch of a startup.

Inbound Rocket is a WordPress plugin that gives the power of big and expensive marketing automation suites in the hands of small and medium business owners. It helps with attracting new traffic to your sites, converting them and building extensive profiles around your leads.

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