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Deliver more clients from your existing website traffic with live chat for legal services

Our live chat for lawyers programme uses the power of conversation to deliver more clients from your existing traffic. We develop a conversation with potential clients to generate qualified leads and build a trusting relationship.

Same traffic, more clients

You’re putting time and effort pumping traffic to your site but on average, converting just 2% into a lead. What happened to the other 98%

Potential clients are browsing your site, right now. But they’re just not getting in touch. We identify and engage visitors that show interest, but aren’t ready to make a move themselves.

We don’t attempt to provide legal advice, instead we help visitors get connected to the right legal professional for their needs.

Cold, low quality leads don’t become clients

Not all leads are equal

It’s important to have a trusting relationship with the people you’ll be representing, from the start. Through creating conversations that matter, we build that relationship.

We engage in a professional, discreet manner and build relationships with those seeking counsel, before your competitors have even had a chance to speak with them.

Our personal interactions build relationships and qualify new enquiries to the criteria that you need.

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People who chat with us convert 7.5x higher than site average.


In revenue generated from conversions and sales delivered by our team


Customer satisfaction rating – the highest in the industry

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