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Our highly-trained native English UK and US-based live chat agents manage your live chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It's all about you

At The Chat Shop we nurture talented native English speakers and train them to the highest standards. We provide them with the best technology to deliver real results for your business.

Whether you’re looking to drive sales, increase the number of leads you are getting or simply want to improve your overall customer experience, we’ve got you.

Whatever the reason you’re looking for live chat agents, we start with that. Your goals matter to us and our live chat agents are there to deliver on them.

Our recipe for success

Rigorous selection

We accept just 1% of applications to be a live chat agent

We hire English native speakers only – UK and US based

Live chat agents receive 100+ hours of paid training

On-going development

On-going weekly measurement across 20 metrics

Custom personal development plans for each live chat agent

Supported by leading technology to ensure effectiveness

Outstanding results

Industry-leading 99% satisfaction

27 second average response times

Customers who are 5x times more likely to buy, with a 20% higher average order value.

Live chat agents for sales

Skilled UK and US-based live chat agents geared to drive sales from your website. Prospects we talk to are five times more likely to buy, with a 20% higher average order value.

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Live chat agents for support

Our live chat agents are the support team your customers love. They’re able to handle everything from basic FAQs to technical troubleshooting. We provide 99% customer satisfaction in a click.

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Dedicated or shared service live chat agents

Our dedicated live chat agents are your resource, recruited and managed by us.

If you’re starting from scratch, we can provide you with a team of highly trained agents to do the hard work for you.

Or if you have your own team, our live chat agents will work together with you to provide a shared service team across your business and The Chat Shop.

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Sales and support services for aspirational brands across industries. Here’s a selection of brands we work with:

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