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5 Proven Tips to Skyrocket Your E-commerce Sales Using Chatbots

June 10, 2021
June 10, 2021

2018 was the year of Ecommerce. The shopper is in the driver’s seat, using technology for a more connected and empowering experience. This ever-growing realm already pawed the way for many different retailers and marketplaces both nation-wide and internationally. From a simple online food order to buying supplements or clothes from various parts of the world, e-commerce is becoming a staple in many people’s everyday life.

But such benefits are not without certain side-effects. Bigger and stronger competition, issues like complying with customers or setting your company apart from others are just some of them. This is why most E-commerce store owners are always looking for that USP which can make them stand out in a vast sea of internet competition.

One way of creating an e-commerce brand that will be unique and successful at the same time is using a chatbot.

What is a chatbot? A messaging service that allows customers to direct their queries toward a “bot”, that creates an accurate and fast response based upon their requests. Complex software that can interact with users, allowing businesses to communicate with customers in a one-on-one personal manner. Some only respond to specific “yes” and “no” operations, while those more evolved get you access to certain apps such as Skype, Viber, Facebook messenger etc.

Why use it? Just consider the following statistics:

In the following text, you will learn just some of the many different proven tips to increase e-commerce sales by using a chatbot.

Website Accessibility

Using a chatbot will not only increase the sales funnel but will also deal with sealing financial leakages to improve the revenue curve. Even though an online store has its merits, a chatbot operates to further reduce the hiring cost by combining different abilities of many dedicated resources.

With a chatbot, you can monitor store’s live interactions, tracking, analytics and queries without the need of a single human resource.

Just in 2017, online shopping showed an increase of 10%, compared to a 3% increase in in-store foot traffic.

So instead of using an outdated e-commerce website, where people don’t know how to navigate and must do a manual search of various pages, try using a chatbot, which will ask people simple questions about what they’re interested in and points them in the right direction or suggest the right products.

Chatbot Availability

Chatbots don’t have a circadian clock. In other words, they don’t sleep, eat or take a break an are available 24 h each day 365 days a year. They will provide solutions to customers basic queries about different products and won’t be overwhelmed by a sudden surge of customers at a particular time of day or night.

Considering that just in Australia 30% of customers make online purchases between 7 pm and 10 pm while 20% shop between 2 pm and 5 pm it’s obvious why a chatbot is a better solution for all those hard night shifts. Customers can start a conversation anytime they wish and ask questions while a chatbot will happily answer them.


The ecommerce AI that is the core of a chatbot is created in a way that can mimic human communication and can respond to each user appropriately using the same patterns and information that a sales representative would. But a chatbot can do this better because it has access to a greater pool of data, which allows it to make quicker and more accurate recommendations that are based on a customer profile. Actually, people aren’t usually aware that they are speaking to a bot.

Location is a crucial part of personalization. Where your customers lives will often have an effect on when they are online, what products or services are they looking for and how much they really need them and what their product recommendations should be. For example, a Sydney based business will naturally be inclined to use a Sydney advertising agency to advertise a product to potential customers for better location-based recommendations and preferences, while a company hailing from Europe will use the one closer home. Location based preferences are easy to incorporate into a chatbot service which all leads to better customer communication and personalization.

Better Lead Conversion and Generation

Chatbots are better for converting a simple prospect into a loyal customer. With the right optimization, a chatbot will provide a relevant response that is based upon a user choice, which can guide that user toward services and products. When a chatbot detects a pattern in customer navigation, it will automatically send services and products offered by the affiliate or seller that it considers related to the search. This will also increase the chance that a consumer will buy more items, all leading to a greater conversion rate. Because of this selective response that is based upon a consumer data, behavior and choices, there is less inadvertent spam, which leaves you with a customer that accepts you and your products more.

A chatbot can also send tips, recommendations, facts and notification about your company’s offering to different subscribers on a daily basis. In other words, you will gain a great and constant lead reminder.

Efficient Online Store Management

A chatbot can be programmed to track your store’s inventory and watch out for merchandise that is out of stock. Thus, notifying you and your consumers about specific products that your store has run out of and that aren’t available at the moment. Additionally, a chatbot can also notify customers about a certain product is back in stock.

With the advent of AI chatbots are just one way in which this type of technology will impact our everyday life. By 2020, the average human will converse more with a bot than with their beloved. When e-commerce is in question, there won’t be a better way to nurture purchases in this non-stop fast-paced environment.

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Victor T. Miller, a Sydney-based business and marketing specialist who has expanded businesses over 5 years. I am a person who loves to inform people about the latest news in the marketing industry also as sharing tips and advice based on my professional experience and knowledge.

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