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The Link Between Customer Engagement And Lead Generation In Payments

June 10, 2021
June 10, 2021

In every industry, online lead generation is a challenge. Turning website visitors into valuable leads can indeed be a troublesome task for those with little experience in doing so. When browsing visitors have the ability to simply click back to Google and start browsing a competitor’s website instantly, it’s important to be enticing your website visitors to learn more about you and to get in touch with a few details about their needs.

The lead generation challenge in thriving sectors such as payments is even greater. The whole fintech industry has seen a surge in growth in recent years and it brings many challenges for payment processors. One of the challenges is this fact that lead generation in a highly competitive market can be hard and payments firms need to start engaging potential customers better, should they wish to generate more leads.

There is a crucial link between customer engagement and lead generation in payments which many organisations seem to be missing or forgetting about. Expecting prospects to come to your website, navigate it to find the information that they need and decide to buy from you all on their own is a big ask. Visitors need to be engaged by you, a relationship must be built and prospects must be led to the right solution for their needs.

Why is engagement so crucial? Engagement keeps potential customers interested in you and your product.

Engaging with potential customers throughout their buyer journey gives you an opportunity to build a conversation and relationship with them. A relationship gives them trust in you but also allows both you and the prospect to learn more about each other. You can learn about their needs and they can learn what sets you apart from your competitors. This way you have a better opportunity of giving them a quality recommendation on the service which they need, which they will trust and will be happy to take.


Engagement also means connecting early in the buyer journey. When focusing on customer engagement and lead generation in payments, it’s important to encourage a prospect to become quickly acquainted with your product and answer any questions that they may have, early. Those unable to comprehend if your product or service is right for them will no doubt leave for a competitor’s website.

It is common for payment processors to have trouble engaging website visitors and getting them acquainted with what they offer.

Nowadays, consumers and businesses are far better informed and make their buying decisions early. The majority have made their buying decision long before contacting a sales person, so you need to be reaching out and influencing potential customers through social media and through your website before they make this decision alone. Can your website visitors quickly comprehend the extent and limitations of the products/services that you offer? Are you there to help if they don’t?

Offering convenient online support such as live chat allows you to engage those visitors which appear a little lost on your website and in need of a little guidance. Providing these contact options also gives prospects an opportunity to get answers fast. Potential customers researching payments firms are looking to compare a few basic criteria first before they can hone in on who’s right for them. If you are right for them then you want them to discover that early.

Social media is another channel where potential customers can be engaged and leads can be generated. Social media engagement doesn’t just mean posting relevant links and news to your Twitter feed but also means reaching out and solving the needs of consumers, eCommerce merchants and retailers. You shouldn’t treat social networks as a silo. Good social media management in payments means reaching out and engaging early on in a buyer’s journey.

Social interactions also give an opportunity to build a loyal following of potential and existing customers – engaging these people will encourage them to recommend you to their friends and followers and allow you to generate more leads.

The link between customer engagement and lead generation in payments is a crucial one as competition is fierce and consumers and businesses have a long list of payments firms to choose from. A key issue which we have already discussed in a previous post is the fact that although many consumers and businesses are well informed, there is a lot of information and detail for them to wade through on fintech websites.

As we’ve outlined here, engagement with your website visitors goes a long way to solving such issues. Engaging early can provide answers and influence visitors to become leads. Live chat gives website visitors a comfortable way to get connected and familiarise themselves with your services and your brand. Engaging across other channels such as social also cuts through to exactly what you can provide rather than prospects being overwhelmed by masses of information on your website.

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