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eCommerce Live Chat: Why Your Customers Want Live Chat

June 10, 2021
June 10, 2021

We have written plenty of posts about the benefits of live chat for increasing conversion and improving customer service. A lot of these posts look at the direct benefits of live chat from an eCommerce manager’s point of view. There are plenty of indirect benefits of employing an eCommerce live chat system too, benefits such as pleasing your customers.

Live chat can add a human touch to your website which makes for an outstanding customer experience. Pretty darn cool, right? And why wouldn’t you want to wow your customers with customer experience that’s better than the competition? It makes for more sales in the short and long run.

This post looks at some of the ways in which a human touch can benefit the customer, improve the shopping experience and increase customer loyalty.

Finding the perfect product

It’s safe that you can buy basically anything online nowadays. The number of eCommerce sites and the number of products available to buy has skyrocketed since Amazon was just an online bookstore. For the consumer, all of this choice is both a blessing and a curse.

Yes, consumers have so much choice, which according to comScore they love, but too much choice can mean it’s difficult to wade through all the different options and find the perfect product. Basically all of the options can sometimes be a little overwhelming.

This is reason number 1 for why your customers want live chat. Live chat in eCommerce means that when the customer is attempting to find the perfect product, they can speak to a live chat agent to get the perfect recommendation. Then the chat agent can direct them to the product and guide them through the buying process (if they need the help). Check out more on how personalisation with a human touch can convert, here.

Getting a good deal

Don’t you just hate it when you buy something and then find out you missed out on a coupon code or offer that would have made it cheaper? Of course you do. Well (stating the obvious here) so do your customers. It’s one of those moments where the consumer feels like they’ve been cheated out of their hard earned cash. Even if it’s 20p, it’s pretty annoying.

Missing out on a deal which you were entitled to makes for a bad customer experience. eCommerce live chat means that your customers can double check that they have the best deal for them. You can send customers a quick message to let them know that they can get a great deal by adding an extra item to their basket OR perhaps a regular customer gets rewarded with a coupon code.

Meaning that they will leave your site satisfied with their purchase and knowing that they have the best deal for them.

Yes in order to qualify for that ‘10% off’ they might have to purchase another product but at least they’ll understand the conditions of the offer after the chat. If they really want the discount and would find that other qualifying product useful then they might just buy that too. Hey presto. Customer gets the best deal for them – aka better customer experience. You increase average order value.

Solving payment issues

Your customer’s basket is piled high with products they want to buy. Hey, that rhymes! Now your customer just wants to pay and get on with whatever else is happening in their life. But sometimes things just aren’t that easy.

What happens if your customer can’t figure out your payment page or they are given an unknown error? Not only does this mean that they’ll probably abandon their basket (and maybe even leave for a competitor) but it also means that they have a pretty shoddy experience. Leaving your customers to wander through your checkout page on their own can be a shoddy strategy. Occasionally, customers want some assistance to get them over the finish line.

The human touch of a well-trained customer service representative, at the right time, can mean that the customer can get the assistance that they need. They convert and they haven’t been faced with a frustrating experience on your website. They were about to, but your team swooped in to save the day. I can hear the trumpets sounding now.

The human touch is what provides that warm customer service experience and increases conversion. You don’t have to rely on human responses to see when people face an issue however. That can be done with behavioural targeting and proactive live chat. Analysing visitor behaviour allows you to understand what signals suggest they are facing difficulty. Your live chat software can then be programmed to invite people to chat, with a relevant message, in the right places and at the right time.

Providing lost information

26% of online shoppers place items in their baskets just to find out delivery costs. And 41% of abandoners cite hidden delivery charges as the main reason for cart abandonment.

Hiding important information such as T&Cs, delivery costs and returns policies is never a good idea. But no matter how clearly you display these, there will be plenty of customers that can’t see them or don’t fully understand them. Your customers don’t want to buy if they are unsure whether they will be able to return an unsuitable product.

Customers can get frustrated if they can’t find answers to these sorts of questions, quickly. Your customers want live chat because it means that no matter what question they have, they have one easy-to-find location to get their answer.

ECommerce customers get quick answers and they get them in a friendly manner, from a real person. An eCommerce live chat provides the opportunity for customers to clear up important information. Information that they need in order to convert and which ensures they are happy with their experience. They have been given reassurance which allows them to go ahead and purchase what they want.

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