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How to boost your sales by implementing keyword recognition based chatbots

June 10, 2021
June 10, 2021

The digital marketing arena has significantly evolved over the past couple of years, with consumer behavior changing by the day with the rise of new technological developments that business is exposed to. The way online sales are made nowadays is nowhere near how business was done previously. Real-time interaction with customers is becoming more and more essential in the sales process. With exposure to an increasing quantity of information, products, and services to choose from, consumers can easily become overwhelmed and confused about the right choices for them. This is where businesses have the incredible opportunity of stepping in and directly communicating with the customer live, via chatbots, the well-established trend that is not to be missed if you have an online business

What are chatbots?

Do you remember the last time you jumped on a website to look for an autumn coat or perhaps a service that you are interested in but not sure about? Did you find the information you were looking for to make a purchase or did you need a bit of help getting around? Did you wish somehow magically that someone said “Hey there, do you need some help?” When you were last on a Facebook business page did you get an instant message saying something like “Hi, thanks for liking us, tell us what you need and we’ll help out?” These messages used to be triggered only by live chat software and supported by live chat agents, like ours at The Chat Shop. Increasingly, these messages are activated by something called a chatbot, the technology of the future, as described by industry experts.


Chatbot software communicates with a website visitor or customer with the aim of helping, answering questions or entertaining. It is commonly used to save the time of making calls to receive the desired information and guarantee a one-to-one experience while on a site. Some chatbots operate on their own (usually for simple tasks), while others act to filter and route user queries to specialist live chat agents who can assist users through more in-depth online journeys. Chatbots have already significantly changed the ways consumers use mobile phones and computers, giving rise to “conversation as a platform”.

Gaining popularity in recent years, chatbots are now merely everywhere. According to a recent study, the global chatbot market size is to reach $1.25 billion by 2025. Looking into customer behavior, research on chatbot use shows that 60% of the interviewed individuals admitted to using chatbots over the past year.

Keyword recognition-based chatbots

However, not all chatbots are the same. Keyword recognition-based chatbots have the ability to spot relevant keywords in the question submitted by the user and through the use of Artificial Intelligence, customize an appropriate response by collecting information from the web. These chatbots can be an extremely powerful tool for websites to avoid losing leads and convert more viewers into customers by quickly providing an answer to visitors’ questions without the overhead of live chat agent staffing.


Boosting sales with a keyword recognition-based chatbot

The value of implementing a chatbot on your site can be observed through an extensive list of benefits. However, we have prepared a few points that will help you get insight on the true benefits of using this strategy to increase sales, maximize profit and maintain an exceptional customer service that will make your clients love you!

  1. Quality customer assistance
  2. Higher engagement
  3. Unlimited knowledge
  4. Call to action
  5. 24/7 support

The vast majority of online shoppers require assistance during the process of browsing items, collecting online information and completing a purchase. Whether it’s needed information regarding a product or service, navigation help or delivery issues, a keyword recognition-based chatbot can guide online consumers to successfully complete their shopping simply by understanding their semantic searches.

Brand engagement is among the top criteria for creating loyal customers and turning leads into clients. Providing personalized engagement via Social Media or with visitors on your website can lead to building up trust and reliability in your brand and ultimately increase the chance of visitors purchasing.

When managed chatbots are kept up to date, Artificial Intelligence behind keyword recognition-based chatbots can access to an unlimited pool of knowledge and data that can be used to answer user questions. Chatbots can eliminate the risk of leaving important content out of your site and FAQ pages and increase the likelihood of providing valuable information to your visitors’ requests and therefore, maximize the chance of purchase.

Your chatbot can be programmed to provide a call to action at different times during the conversation and therefore help shape the visitor’s decision to purchase. Chatbots can also be used to provide suggestions on similar products or services that can be bought, increasing the sales value. For even better results, ask an experienced copywriter to review your call-to-actions – like the team at Handmadewritings.

The best thing about chatbots when it comes to providing real value to your business is having access to them all day, every day, without the need to pay extra for overtime or exploiting your employees for long hours. Whether it’s the weekend or holidays, chatbots are always there to help your business thrive and assist your customers in getting the information they are after.

Chatbots are certainly here to stay and keyword recognition-based ones take center stage in the process, due to their smart responses and use of Artificial Intelligence. If you are looking for ways to bring more sales into your business and convert more leads into real, loyal customers, it may be worth considering implementing a chatbot to your website to establish a relationship with visitors and provide valuable information throughout the sales process.

See how a chatbot can make your website work harder

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