About Us

We’re the live chat experts delivering conversations that matter.

From expert consulting to UK and US-based live chat outsourcing, our services allow you to partner with the best people in the market.

Our History

Before The Chat Shop was founded, very few businesses were using live chat and fewer still for revenue generation. The more we looked into why this was, we saw that few people really understood the benefits chat could bring to their business and chat was a real challenge to get right.


Small Beginnings

The Chat Shop was founded by two people who knew they could provide a solution. They started working on the business idea from the end of 2011, and by June 2012, The Chat Shop was officially incorporated.

Initially investing £5k in the business, they won their first customer in December 2012 and ran the chat service themselves 18 hours a day until they’d grown enough to hire their first agent team.


2020 and Beyond

Fast forward 8 years and the focus is still the same, adding value to our customers and every site visitor we engage with. But now, millions of chats and a lot of growth later, we’re proud to not only call ourselves live chat experts and the leading provider in the marketplace, but also a family.

Who Are We?

At the core of The Chat Shop, we are about people. Real people who believe in what they do and create conversations that matter.

Our UK and US-based agents receive up to 100 hours of paid training to nurture their natural talent, but it doesn’t stop there. After initial training, we offer ongoing training and support throughout their entire time with us through a Personal Development Program tailored just for them.

Our chat agents are assessed through routine performance reviews and frequent quality assurance and KPI checks, as well as frequent training courses.

The heart of The Chat Shop lies in having conversations that matter. It’s our ability to have those conversations with each other that keeps us a strong, successful, and award-winning family.

Work with us

We’re constantly adding to our team. If you want to add your energy, skills and desire to The Chat Shop family, we’d love to hear from you right here and now. Why wait?

If you love interacting with people, learning and sharing your knowledge with others then joining our live chat team may well be for you.

Find out more.

Where Are We?

What makes The Chat Shop unique is although our head office is based in London, we span the continents and most of our team works remotely. The wider reach this gives us allows us to carefully select the best of the best native-English speakers to work with us.


Our managers, operations team, chat agents and others are spread throughout the UK and the US, and our development team works in Greece.


Even though most of us do work remotely, we are still part of one family. How do we do it? Easy: together, individually


We believe in working together as individuals for the ultimate success of our team as a whole, that’s why we run themed chats, Scavenger Hunts Wellness Campaigns and many other activities throughout the year to keep our team connected, wherever they are.

Contact Us

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For any other enquiries, please reach out below.