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Everything eCommerce Podcast EP 1: Supercharging Your eCommerce Growth

June 10, 2021
June 10, 2021

Supercharging Your eCommerce Growth.

Welcome to episode one of our brand new podcast, Everything eCommerce, the show where we speak to industry leaders and dive into the latest news, tips and tricks for growing your business online.

In this episode, we discussed all things relating to supercharging your eCommerce growth online. Watch the full video below to hear what we talked about.

About our Guest

In this episode, we spoke to Jeremy Wilson of Practicology, who are a boutique eCommerce consultancy. They’ve worked with the likes of Nike, B&Q, Ted Baker, Pandora and many more top-level brands.

Jeremy has worked in eCommerce since 1998 when he joined Boden as Finance and IT Director. He’s worked with retailers such as John Lewis, Pennine Group and he’s also done CEO for a number of companies.

Jeremy helps to shape the strategy, business models and commercial plans for a number of key clients as one of the directors of multichannel strategy consultancy Practicology. Recent engagements include Mamas & Papas, House of Fraser and Hobbycraft.

About the Podcast

Everything eCommerce is a brand new podcast where we will be discussing everything relating to growing an online business. Each week we will be meeting with industry leaders to discuss a new topic, tapping into a wealth of eCommerce knowledge from industries such as consultancy, eCommerce platforms, agencies and more. It’s a show that takes deep-dive into industry issues, keeps you up to date with the latest news, and dishes out tips and tricks for growing your eCommerce business.

Read more on how live chat can help you supercharge your eCommerce growth here.

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