Why us?

What makes us different? Don’t just take our word for it, the figures speak for themselves.

After completing almost 2 million chats over 8 years across 18 different industries, we’ve learnt a thing or two about how to chat.

Customers who chat with us are 5x more likely to buy, with a 20% higher average order value and a 98% satisfaction rating.

Our relationship with LiveChat & Bold360

We build relationships and drive results. Through selecting the best technology and maximising the return from it, we work across implementation, training and development through to full-service outsourcing.

We’re proud to be the:
The #1 rated global partner for LC.

The only full-service partner for Bold360.

Our experience

The Chat Shop was incorporated in 2012, meaning we have 8 years of experience in chat as a business, and a whopping 172 years combined experience throughout our team.

We established an official US presence and incorporated The Chat Shop Inc in January 2017 and acquired Ortho Engagement in July 2018.

We're innovators

We don’t like to brag, but we haven’t become industry-leaders for nothing. In fact, our original ideas are often imitated by competitors.

We were the first business to offer fully managed human chat, CRM integration, fully whitelabel service, a call connect option and chat consulting services.

Our agent recruitment service is unique and innovative, combining the skills of a dedicated recruitment team with market-leading training.

We also built our own client portal, meaning all data and chat information can be stored in one simple place for ease.


Our ROI focused approach

We don’t just mention ROI, in fact, we are the only provider who’s fully focused on driving an ROI and we even built our whole delivery model around achieving just that.

An ROI focused approach is more effective than just increasing traffic, we convert visitors into high-quality leads or sales.

UK & US Team

Without aural or visual cues, words mean everything, and we’ve found that only the best agent team can deliver the experience you and your customers are looking for.

100% of The Chat Shop’s agent team are directly employed by our dedicated recruitment team and are native English speaking, we accept just 1% of applications to be a live chat agent to ensure we get the best of the best.

With entirely UK and US based chat agents, we can cover 24/7 chat, tailored to your needs.

Consulting & training for major firms

The Chat Shop were pivotal in the successful launch and growth of chat within major publicly listed firms.

We completed a 25 man-day chat health check programme for Ameren Energy to support the growth of chat within the business, as well as follow on projects including a custom agent training package.

We’ve delivered similar programmes to Lloyds Banking Group & CA Technologies (now known as Broadcom).

Find out why we are different

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