Our Agent Training

Our dedicated recruitment team carefully select just 1% of native English-speaking applicants and nurture them to the highest standard with our in-depth training process.


There are three interview phases before we hire a new chat agent. We look for applicants with great grammar, engagement, and a passion for customer service.

All of our candidates submit their applications and are asked a series of questions to ensure they meet all of our requirements, after which they are given a live chat interview where they can show off their personality and skill.

They also receive a PDF with mock client information which gives us the opportunity to see how they handle situations with various customers using materials they’ve been given. After a team review, they are then hired.

Academy week

Before joining a chat team, each prospective agent completes an Academy Week.

A pre-academy 2 hour course teaches fundamental chat skills, their learning style, navigation comprehension and allows us to see where they may need extra support.

Academy Week runs Monday-Friday and consists of roughly 25 hours of training. This includes an introduction to The Chat Shop, what their role entails and systems training.

The agent will complete a number of courses on our learning platform, take part in training calls and run through 8 hours of test chats to assess their skills.

Training & onboarding

Training calls

Comprehensive training calls from team managers go through knowledge bases and conversation flows, ensuring the agent understands every aspect of the client.

Training software

Agents complete extensive courses in our training software, ranging from general chat skills such as overcoming objections to in-depth assessments on specific clients.

Test chats

Test chats are an essential part of the training process. Agents complete extensive test chats on each client, handling a variety of different situations before going live.

Ongoing optimisation

Learning doesn’t stop when training is over, agents take part in a number of ongoing optimisation activities to ensure they are chatting at the highest standard.

Agents take part in weekly calls and quality assurance tasks as well as writing their own personal development plan to ensure continued progress.

Team managers provide them with monthly performance scores, weekly stats emails and further calls to assist with any issues and provide support.

To learn more about our service delivery model, check this page out.