The BFI Player

Managed live chat case study

The British Film Institute, the leading body for film in the UK, launched their video on demand service, BFI Player, in 2013. The BFI has used The Chat Shop’s managed chat service since their Player’s kickoff to provide full tier one service and tech support; this includes managing payments, refunds, and troubleshooting. The Chat Shop provides a fully digital customer service journey across chat and email on behalf of the BFI. The Chat Shop delivers quality conversations based on a human understanding of consumer behaviour to engage and support customers and resolve issues in complex, specialised technical markets.

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The Chat Shop provide the BFI Player with a great, live customer support service. Their agents offer friendly and knowledgeable assistance to our customers. They have an excellent understanding of our service and requirements.

Tom Boswell, Service Delivery Coordinator at the British Film Institute

The problem

The BFI is a world-famous charity that supports and shows British film talent. They knew that when they launched their new video on demand service, their first users could face technical issues. But they wanted to make their launch as smooth as possible and give all of their customers the same high standard of service they’d expect of their cinemas. The BFI Player users needed real-time support for technical and payment issues and quick answers on film availability. And they needed this at time when they were using the BFI Player – out of work and school hours, late in the evening.

How can you deliver high-quality, effective, real-time support out of hours?

Answer: Managed Chat and Email by The Chat Shop

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Our solution

Excellent and effective customer support shouldn’t be hard to find; it should be just a click away. So, we made it that way, fully-branded and available whenever you need help.

We worked with the BFI to build a customer service and technical support model from the ground up. The BFI Player was a brand new offering, so we needed to build a model for engagement that not only included FAQs but also plotted out customer journeys and the conversations they would have along the way. To get high-quality interactions and resolve issues effectively, we created one of our bespoke KnowledgeBases to educate our team, allowing us to handle complex technical and support queries for the BFI Player while providing award-winning UK and US-based service.

We use our in-house training and testing methodologies to ensure that our chat experts can meaningfully engage with BFI Player’s customers on over 100 FAQs, troubleshooting, connection, and payment and refund issues all while delivering an exceptional customer experience.

The results

Using The Chat Shop’s managed chat service, BFI Player achieved a 97% in CSAT scores. And with their digital platform supercharged by our industry award-winning support experts, BFI sees an 87% in-chat resolution rate and an average chat response time of just 26 seconds.

Our team also takes on email helpdesk management. This total customer service operation means BFI can deliver a consistent customer experience across channels.