Finance can be tricky, that’s why we do a deep dive into your business and tailor-make a chat strategy that works for you. Whether you need customer support or are looking to drive more leads from existing traffic, we’ve got you.

The results


People who chat with us convert 7.5x higher than site average.


In revenue generated from conversions and sales delivered by our team


Customer satisfaction rating – the highest in the industry

The funnel is broken

You’re putting time and effort into getting traffic to your site but on average you are converting just 2% of those visitors into a consultation. What happened to the other 98%?

Potential patients are browsing your site, right now. But they’re just not getting in touch. Our healthcare programme revolves around how we can identify and speak to those users who are interested in receiving treatment but aren’t ready to make a move themselves.

Extending your team

We field the early stage questions of prospective patients and make sure you provide an outstanding experience from day one.

Knowing your business is vital, of course. That’s why we become an extension of your team; your Account Manager will lead you through our thorough knowledge transfer process.

We develop a tailored live chat strategy and build an exhaustive knowledge base with hundreds of data points.

Our US and UK-based experts complete detailed paid training specific to your business and procedures.

Why people like talking to us

It’s not enough just to have chat on your site. You’ve got to get prospective patients to use it.

We build an extensive visitor profile based on your site and existing traffic behaviour. This means we can identify key engagement opportunities to deliver the right message at the right time – and why people visiting your site want to talk to us.

We handle sensitive information with care; we don’t pry or push. Our agents use their personalities to connect with patients and build a trusting relationship – why people visiting your site want to talk to you.

We don’t provide medical advice, we facilitate the steps to booking a consultation with the right medical professional for their needs.

Speak to an agent

In case you hadn’t noticed, chat is very much our thing. So why not put us through our conversational paces and get in touch?

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