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We’ve been working with The Chat Shop for six months and the results to our inbound leads are amazing. Their methodology for delivering value is great and from day one, we were able to see how knowledgeable they are around SaaS as well as how professional they are during the implementation and the ongoing support. I would highly recommend them for any company that would like to increase their inbounds leads and convert them to quality opportunities.

Costas Vasiliou, CCO and Co-Founder of Schoox

Schoox is a young and unique talent development company whose software has disrupted the traditional compliance checklist and HR administration process. They have taken to-do lists for onboarding and turned them into a holistic business growth model. The Chat Shop provides lead generation, sales enablement, and customer support across Schoox’s website through a human understanding of conversation and consumer behaviour to deliver award-winning customer service and sales in complex, specialised SaaS products.

The problem

Schoox came into the market to disrupt the status quo with new software. They wanted to provide a training, onboarding, and professional development platform that meant businesses could spend less time preparing and more time doing. But getting the word out with SEO and PPC that there is an easier way to do things with new software and getting website visitors to take the leap on trying that new software are two different headaches. The Schoox team needed a new engagement strategy on their site to break down barriers to conversion, build rapport with prospects, and distill those challenging, complex questions and responses around SaaS for most consumers.

How can you speed up your onsite sales funnel and break down complex barriers to conversion?

Answer: Managed Chat by The Chat Shop


We always turn to The Chat Shop for advice and they never fail to deliver. They take the time to fully understand our challenges and always go above and beyond with suggestions, tips and ideas to ensure we are able to deliver our work.

Christos Orthodoxou, Lead Product Specialist at Schoox

Our solution

Schoox already had a high volume of traffic to their website, but we knew that they needed an outstanding and comprehensive engagement strategy to boost conversions and respond to questions around their complex SaaS offering. To get people chatting (and converting!), we dived into Schoox’s Google Analytics data to identify pages and opportunities to interact with customers at the right time, with messaging tailored to their journey. With a digital engagement strategy driven by data and managed chat powered by people, Schoox saw their lead count skyrocket and a new support route open up for existing customers.

We worked with Schoox to build a customer engagement strategy with comprehensive knowledge of their complex SaaS offering at the heart of everything. To get high-quality interactions, convert browsers to qualified leads, and resolve front-end issues effectively, we created a bespoke KnowledgeBase to empower our award-winning UK and US-based team, allowing us to engage with Schoox’s visitors at the right time, with the right information, distilled and personalised to their journey.

And we use our in-house training and testing methodologies to ensure that our chat experts can always tackle even the most complex SaaS query, responding effectively on everything from implementation to ordering to troubleshooting, all while delivering the best customer experience.

The results

Using the power of high-quality conversations, specialist training, and data-driven optimisation, The Chat Shop is able to deliver systematic improvements across several key metrics for our partners at Schoox.

The Chat Shop are proud to deliver Schoox a 99% in CSAT scores. We’re not just a nice, award-winning, chatty bunch either; we’re a lean, mean, lead-generating machine. Schoox sees a whopping 38% of sales chats delivered by The Chat Shop convert to qualified leads for their sales team.

And we still leave room for extra love; we keep Schoox’s current customers happy with an average of 73% of our chat volume dedicated to supporting queries they have along the way.