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The Chat Shop have been excellent from the start. We knew that our site wasn’t generating the volume of leads it could and The Chat Shop’s Lead Generation programme turned that around. With their behavioural targeting strategy and UK-based Managed Chat service, we’ve seen a substantial increase in the number of leads generated for our UK network of authorised Service Centres, whilst receiving some fantastic customer feedback on the service. The Chat Shop have made an incredible difference in the site’s performance. Overall I couldn’t be happier.

David Leighton, Business Development Manager at Orio AB

Saab has been at the front of the global automotive industry for 70 years. They are a brand drivers love with a dedicated following of fans. With their CX a competitive point of difference, The Chat Shop delivers quality conversations based on a human understanding of consumer behaviour to engage, support, and delight customers and provides Saab a service platform for award-winning digital engagement and sales enablement.

The problem

Saab’s dealers and customers needed to find each other. They saw their marketing team’s seasonal campaigns, PPC efforts, and marketing strategy just not syncing up with new opportunities for garages who trusted the Saab name. Saab wanted to provide a brand-conscious, best-in-class digital platform to engage their loyal customers with authorised dealers. So, they needed a partner who could not only strategise a site-wide engagement programme, but also deploy it in line with their in-house marketing goals.

How can you deliver high-quality conversions from your marketing efforts and represent your brand with award-winning service?

Answer: Managed Chat by The Chat Shop

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Our solution

Saab needed a trusted partner who would deliver a brand-conscious engagement strategy and deploy it all with their marketing goals in mind. Only The Chat Shop had the proven track record in lead conversion and award-winning customer service to be up to the task.

We knew that the Saab team needed not only a strategic, agile, and comprehensive engagement strategy, but a functional platform that would drive value for dealerships with a compelling proposition for engagement between dealers and their customers.

First, we dived into Saab’s Google Analytics and data-mined their customer journey to target visitors on the right pages with tailored, personalised messaging. Second, we worked with Saab’s marketing team to integrate their seasonal campaign messaging with chat and track the success of their advertising with a targeted, agile proactive strategy that picked up where their marketing left off.

But it’s one thing to enable digital marketing with the right message at the right time; at The Chat Shop we create a valuable experience by giving a real-time platform that connects authorised dealers and loyal customers right on the Saab site.

How do we know Saab’s brand to provide award-winning customer service while constantly delivering leads to the Saab team? We’re backed by our in-house training and testing professional development courses to ensure that our chat expert team can always engage customers and dealers with knowledgeable, industry-leading knowledge that goes beyond simple FAQs to convert visitors into customers. And our automated heuristics and reporting dashboard mean that Saab get to see their customer base and CSAT grow with just a few clicks.

The results

Using the power of high-quality conversations to engage customers, Google Analytics-backed data and heuristics to generate new leads, and industry expertise, The Chat Shop is able to deliver systematic improvements across several key metrics for Saab Parts while simultaneously boosting value and business for their authorised partner dealers.

The Chat Shop are proud to represent the Saab brand with a 99% in CSAT scores in chat (we’re not joking, that’s the real data), providing loyal Saab customers and dealers with the best service around complex queries. And that is done while taking Saab’s marketing efforts to the next level using our targeted, data-driven, agile proactive strategy to jump-start 73% of all conversations to get the most conversions from keyword SEO and PPC campaigns.

We’re more than just a friendly bunch; we’re a lean, mean, lead-generating machine. That satisfaction and targeted planning translate; a whopping 55% of all chats delivered by The Chat Shop are qualified leads for their authorised service centres.