Our Service Delivery Model

The work doesn’t stop once our agents are trained and live on your website, we constantly work with you and our team to optimise your experience and drive real results.


Weekly agent calls

Collaborative and supportive weekly calls with our chat agents are an essential part of agent performance management.

They last 15-30 minutes and are a discussion on agent performance, updates, questions, wellbeing, satisfaction, chat concerns and training needs.

Performance scores

Each month the Team Manager calculates, records and sends performance scores to the Operations Manager.

The score is based on attitude, punctuality, reception of feedback, self-motivation improvement and offering assistance.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance (QA) delivers and maintains the exceptional standards that we aim achieve. It applies to all agents equally and is a part of training.

QA is done weekly to catch potential issues early on and provide assistance for growth and development, featuring metrics such as user experience, individuality, tone, resources, adaptability, grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Stats emails

Weekly stats emails are essential for improving and sustaining an agent’s chat skills and ensure agents are working towards set targets.

The emails provide stats on conversion, missed sales, response times, satisfaction and rating, as well as focal points for the week ahead, general comments and feedback, positive comments by chat users and 4 QA chats are chosen.

Personal development plan

A Personal Development Plan (PDP) is an individual plan of action to help support team members in their continued professional development.

It is a positive measure of development geared around setting SMART: (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound) objectives with a clear timeframe and is written by the agent themselves. The agent writes their plan based on objectives, actions, resources needed, measures of success and the deadline.

Account Management

We have a team of dedicated Account Managers on hand to deal with any queries or concerns you have and make updates when they come through, as well as ongoing optimisation when we are live on your website.

During the onboarding process, we review your website, Google Analytics, come up with engagement strategy and create a knowledge base as well as a conversation flow.

A kick off call, research and discovery as well as gap analysis ensures that you are in the loop at every stage of the process and involved in all decision making before sign off.


Creating the most effective engagement strategy requires ongoing research and optimisation, which our account managers are on hand to do for you.

By digging into your data, we can measure metrics such as engagement, acceptance and conversation rate and work to continuously improve them.

Frequent reporting and calls with your dedicated account manager ensure you are in control and getting the biggest ROI from chat.


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