Every project is unique. Whether it’s Human Chat, AI Chat, or a blend of them both, we follow a framework we’ve refined over the last 8 years to ensure we get it right, every time.

Setting Expectations

It takes time. Often we can be live within 4 weeks, though some projects have taken as many months. We won’t rush things though we also don’t hang about. We make sure we’re delivering a customer experience you (and your customers) are proud of.

It’s a partnership. We need open dialogue between us and for you to see us as an extension to your team, rather than just another service provider. Our most successful work is born out of a strong partnership.


We need to understand your market, business, customers, data and ambitions. We’ll know a fair bit already from our conversations up until now and other projects.

Our job is to understand all the known unknowns, as well as the unknown unknowns.

We research, review and discuss. Inquisitive minds and assimilation experts.


Our ultimate goal is to drive a great ROI while creating conversations that matter for your business and your customers. We carefully consider every element of our service delivery model ensuring we deliver the right message, at the right time.

We work with purpose. Whether an AI Chat, Human Chat or a Hybrid service, the foundations for driving the most value from your website is a strong strategy and an open mind.


Deploying chat technology is just 5% of the work involved.

We take all the knowledge from the process so far and build a comprehensive knowledge base and conversation flow (not a script!). We know what we need to know to be ready to go live, though this process is iterative and constantly evolving, just as your business is.

We deep dive into your analytics and user journey to build an effective proactive strategy, meaning we talk to the right people at the right time.


Human Chat

Using our dedicated in-house recruitment team, we train agents to the highest standard using our custom learning management system.

They are provided with extensive training on live chat best practice and your brand, followed by ongoing training with weekly, individual personal development plans and quality assurance.

AI Chat

Chatbots need training just as humans do. We take our time to ensure our AI and Natural Language Processing engine knows your business as well as we do.

All completed using our conversational methodologies learned from the millions of human conversations we’ve delivered.


We are committed to quality and continuously monitor chat performance to make sure it’s the best it can be, using operational learnings and client notifications such as new products, sales drives, marketing campaigns, media coverage and legislative changes.

Adjustments are made to the knowledge base, conversation flow and proactive strategy as well as ongoing human and automated chat training to ensure the results speak for themselves.

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