Industry Solutions

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Handling healthcare enquiries requires sensitivity and care, that’s why we build trust from the beginning of the relationship. Live chat for healthcare increases consultations booked by breaking down conversion barriers.

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We can help students before they’ve submitted their application, right through to alumni relations management. Our service allows you to deliver an outstanding experience to more of your prospective and existing alumni.

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Travel can be complicated for customers. We’re on hand to help by quickly answering questions, managing bookings, and increasing your conversion through build trust from the start, making sure site visitors choose you, not your competition.

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Hotels and Hospitality

We make it easy for your guests to get support by being there to help when you are not available. Cut out the middle man and drive direct bookings from your website instead of paying third party prices, and use our customer insights to make each stay a stay to remember.

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Our live chat for lawyers programme uses the power of conversation to deliver more clients from your existing traffic. We develop a conversation with potential clients to generate qualified leads and build a trusting relationship.

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Finance can be tricky, that’s why we do a deep dive into your business and tailor-make a chat strategy that works for you. Whether you need customer support or are looking to drive more leads from existing traffic, we’ve got you.

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Property & Real Estate

We identify and engage interested buyers, sellers, renters and investors that aren’t ready to take the next step themselves. Our experts are able to chat away into the early hours, answering questions and generating leads while you sleep.

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Our live chat for eCommerce and digital retail programme increases conversions by breaking down barriers to purchase with a human touch. Prospects we talk to are 5 times more likely to buy, with a 20% higher average order value.

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We help you increase your conversion rate and generate qualified leads through tailored live chat solutions. We’ll handle queries, guide your visitors through their sign up process to streamline the sales funnel for you and them.

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