What do we mean by the human touch?

Digital is everywhere.

It may not comes as much of a surprise to learn we’re living in an increasingly automated and data-driven world. Over 72% of businesses claim digital as an integral part of their business model and the reasons are all around us. The proliferation of mobile devices, enhanced data coverage, innovations in analytics and tracking, the rise of social media — the list is endless.

So, why do approximately ¾ of consumers prioritise human interactions when seeking advice or solutions to their problems? Consumers tend to make first contact with your brand through digital. They research your services and pricing through digital. We’ve embraced digital in most parts of our lives, so what’s holding us back?

The answer? Authenticity.

As digital has exploded onto the scene, people have responded by actively prioritising real experiences. Meaningful conversations. Memorable interactions where we feel a connection’s been made. This is something that can’t be automated; nor should it be. This is something only we can do for each other. This is what we mean by the Human Touch.

So, how do we understand the Human Touch? Where can it feature in our processes and how do we ensure it’s used effectively? How can we use it to build relationships with your customers and shape the way we do businesses?

And where are we failing to harness it now?

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