Human + AI Chat

The perfect blend of Humans and AI.

Achieve unprecedented returns on investment for higher traffic websites through our hybrid human + AI service.
We automate interactions and handover in realtime to a human when there’s a high-value opportunity, seamlessly.

We understand your needs

AI Chat has it’s limitations, we get that. Customer needs are complex, emotional and often demand the expertise of one of our human agents. If your traffic is over 50k visitors per month we can deploy the perfect blend of humans + AI to increase ROI and reduce the cost to serve.

Every business is different. The closer to the sales funnel or the more distressed a customer may be, the more likely they’ll be fast-tracked direct to a human. Exactly how that looks depends on your business.

Why use human + AI?

A hybrid solution allows you to get the best of both worlds with chat technology.

We nurture talented native-English speakers and make the most of that investment by integrating AI technologies to help them be more effective and more efficient.

By satisfying common enquiries through AI Chat, we reserve agents for more complex queries where they can add the most value to your business.

Chat for Sales

We target users based on their behaviour and use conversations to bridge the gap between initial interest and sales. Chatbots can make suggestions and answer queries, whilst live chat agents are on hand to assist with more complex purchases.

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Chat for Support

Implement a chatbot to handle everyday queries and solve issues with speed. Native-English speaking agents will be released for those more complex questions and help your customers remain happy and loyal, all while saving you valuable resources.

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Implementation + Optimisation

If you are already a client of ours, we can design and implement a hybrid solution to cover all aspects of the customer journey.

If you are not already a client, you may use chatbots or human chat already but are not seeing the results you want. We can start again and redesign your process, or identify changes that will make a big difference by blending humans and AI at just the right time.

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Our customers

Managed chat for aspirational brands across industries. Here’s a selection of brands we work with:

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One thing we’ve learned after 8 years of doing this, is that every client faces different challenges and has different needs.


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