Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions

Case study

Who are Hitachi?

Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions have over 30 years’ experience in automotive leasing. Part of the Hitachi global brand, the vehicle solutions team are as passionate about cars as they are about delivering the best experience and products to their customers. The Chat Shop engages, supports, and guides customers on their digital journey to generate quality leads for Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions through a data-backed, human understanding of consumer behaviour with industry-best service.

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The problem

Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions wanted to grow their leasing offerings for SME and personal customers to match their established fleet leasing programme. So, they carefully planned their digital marketing drive to target young companies and customers with the perfect SEO and PPC. But Hitachi realised new visitors weren’t converting onsite to request quotes.

How do you deliver a brilliant digital engagement strategy that results in qualified leads for your sales team and represent your brand with award-winning service?

Answer: Managed Chat by The Chat Shop


Real customer feedback:
Sam was really patient, very friendly, kind, polite and generally gave me good advice and information, really looking forward to seeing competitive deals.

Our solution

Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions needed a partner that would protect their company essence while boosting their marketing efforts to convert visitors onsite. After shopping for the right digital engagement strategy, they felt that only The Chat Shop’s blend of data-driven, award-winning, personalised service was the right fit. And leads from The Chat Shop can be delivered straight to their Salesforce CRM through one of our integrations. The Chat Shop provides a best-of-breed digital engagement solution to enhance Hitachi’s lead generation goals. With a digital strategy driven by data and managed chat powered by people, Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions saw their lead count skyrocket.

We worked with the Hitachi sales team to build a customer engagement strategy with their needs at the heart of everything. To get high-quality interactions, convert browsers to excited drivers, and generate qualified leads effectively, we created one of our bespoke KnowledgeBases to educate our award-winning UK and US-based team. Our specially integrated UTM, GA, and digital journey tracking means visitors from PPC and SEO efforts get extra love. This smart tool offering by The Chat Shop allows our experts to engage with Hitachi visitors at the right time, with the right message, personalised to their journey.

Backed by our in-house training and testing methodologies to ensure that our chat experts can always tackle barriers to conversion and respond with up-to-date, industry-specific specialist knowledge that goes beyond basic FAQs, all while delivering the best customer experience.

The results

Using the power of high-quality conversations, data-driven strategy deployment, and specialist training, The Chat Shop is able to deliver systematic improvements across several key metrics for the sales team at Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions.

The Chat Shop are proud to deliver our partners at Hitachi a 99% in CSAT scores and an average response time of just 26 seconds, bringing those barriers to conversion down one second at a time with excellent service. But we’re more than an award-winning, nice bunch; we’re a lean, mean, lead-generating machine taking their marketing efforts to the next level. Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions sees a whopping 45% of all chats delivered by The Chat Shop are qualified leads for their sales team, delivered straight to their CRM.