Diamond Rocks

Case Study

Diamond Rocks, a jeweller based in London’s historic Hatton Garden, uses The Chat Shop’s managed chat service to provide customer service, lead generation, and sales across its website. The Chat Shop delivers quality conversations based on a human understanding of consumer behaviour and needs to generate qualified leads, increase CSAT, and deliver sales in complex, high-value markets.

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The Chat Shop have been instrumental in converting general enquiries into sales over the last three years. Their agents are quick to learn industry-relevant topics and engage very professionally with potential customers by asking appropriate questions. Using The Chat Shop has helped Diamond Rocks to concentrate on our core business.

Vineet Khandelwal, Owner and Founder of Diamond Rocks

The problem

As an independent jeweller, Diamond Rocks is competing with large companies on big purchases like bespoke engagement ring products. This is an emotionally-charged, complex purchase for consumers – and why shouldn’t it be? It only happens once (or twice…). Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but it’s not something you buy everyday, so getting your head around the 4C’s can present a challenge for most consumers. In store, the Diamond Rocks team is there, for every step of their customer’s journey. But what about the digital journey?

While potential customers were coming to Diamond Rocks’s site, they just weren’t getting in touch with Diamond Rock’s team of jewellery experts. They wanted to find a way to deliver that human-to-human offline purchase experience into their digital journey. But, how were they to solve the problem of not enough leads, conversions, and satisfaction online, all whilst giving visitors that human shopping experience?

Answer: Managed Chat by The Chat Shop

Our solution

Diamond Rocks had the classic problem of customers browsing but just not buying. To solve this, we dived into their Google Analytics data to identify pages and opportunities to interact with customers at the right time, with messaging tailored to their journey, to get people chatting (and converting!). This allowed us to engage with more visitors at the right time in their digital journey.

We know that basic FAQs don’t cut it if you want to create a meaningful interaction, especially when you’re chatting about diamonds and the biggest day of that customer’s life.

To get high-quality interactions, we created one of our bespoke knowledge bases to educate our team and have conversations that guide the customer through their diamond buying journey, allowing us to drive sales and leads for Diamond Rocks while providing exceptional service. We used our in-house training and testing methodologies to ensure that our chat experts can have genuine, informed conversations with real buyers about diamonds and their special day, all whilst delivering a pre-sales experience that helps Diamond Rocks become the obvious choice for their ring.

The results

Using Google Analytics and high-quality conversations to drive lead generation and sales, The Chat Shop was able to deliver systematic improvements across several key metrics.

In just one year working with The Chat Shop, Diamond Rocks achieved a 98% in CSAT scores. The Chat Shop’s experts also generated leads from 35% of all chat conversations.

More impressive, Diamond Rocks sees a whopping 54% of leads delivered by The Chat Shop convert to customers after chatting with our chat experts.