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You wouldn’t put someone on the phone without telephone training, yet live chat training is often overlooked. Our custom workshops give your team the skills they need to deliver chat like a pro.

Say 'no' to okay

You can’t just install a widget, add live chat to your website and expect magic to happen. Existing sales and support teams can’t just adopt live chat at the drop of a hat. They need the tools and know-how before interacting with customers through chat.

Knowing how to convey tone of voice, build relationships and correctly structure text-based conversations are key challenges.

Live chat needs a dedicated strategy and a team of agents that know what they’re doing. Agents need to be able to sell without being pushy, identify the qualities of good or bad chats and efficiently convey large quantities of information.

Expert training

Our live chat training programmes follow a structure akin to our in-house training for live chat outsourcing. We utilise the software and resources used to help our own agents become live chat experts through a tried and tested format that works.

Our experienced in-house instructors lead live chat consulting and training workshops to help you get the most out of chat.

We’re proud to say that we’ve received 100% positive feedback from live chat training workshops. Live chat has its own set of rules and best practices, and after 8 years of experience and millions of pounds in revenue generated for our customers, we know a thing or two.

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The training for our specialist nurses was invaluable. The Chat Shop training and exercises really gave them the confidence and tools they needed.


Sadie Crabtree, Digital Engagement Manager, Prostate Cancer UK

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