Honesty and efficiency are the most important elements of service to consumers and marketing communications must match the experience of a brand, new research suggests. MarketingWeek recently revealed information from a study by Engine Service Design on the importance of customer service, with this statement providing the overall conclusion.

The survey asked 1,000 UK adults to select their top three priorities for customer service. Top of the list, with no real surprise, was ‘openness and honesty’. Consumers don’t want to be lied to and they don’t want to be given advice which is just manufactured to make them buy more from you. 56% of respondents mentioned this as one of their top priorities. It’s clear that all customer service enquiries should be providing useful and relevant information, something which we at The Chat Shop do with all of our chats.

The second highest priority for customer service was efficiency. With 52%, it’s clear that customers want their experience to be given in a fast and efficient way, and they want the method to be convenient for them. That’s why we are keen endorses of live chat. Whether using our live chat services or not, live chat can provide a fast, efficient and easy to use support channel for customers (as long as you have the right person operating live chat).

Live chat is efficient for customer and company as chat agents can handle multiple queries at once, and customers can complete other tasks whilst receiving customer support. It’s convenient, just a click away, and anyone that can make it to your website can use it. And, of course, it’s free for your customers to use.

The third highest priority for consumers when looking at the importance of customer service, is that the service is provided in a ‘skilled and competent’ way. Again, there are no surprises with this one. You don’t want to be on the phone or live chat with someone that doesn’t know what they are talking about. We of course take learning about a new client’s company very seriously here at The Chat Shop and we have a tried and tested process for learning about a new client and thoroughly training our live chat agents.

Making sure your customer service agents are well trained on your company isn’t the only knowledge that they need though. Your customer service agents also need to know how to use your customer service channel effectively and be able to interpret your customers’ needs. Interpreting written communication or a thick accent can be a difficult skill to master. Being able to predict what the customer will ask next is beneficial to improving the customer’s experience too.

View the full article from MarketingWeek and the accompanying infographic here.