How to Master Mobile Friendly Email Marketing Campaigns

Tips on Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

With the surging digital campaign methods such as podcasting and youtube videos, email marketing may seem as an old fashioned marketing strategy. However, recent statistics on consumer habits prove otherwise. Most people are still using email more than they use social media. The connection between email and mobile friendly websites is especially noteworthy. A recent study by Litmus revealed that 53% of emails are opened by e mail devices. However, The challenge lies in how you present your information to consumers. Busy entrepreneurs will seldom read flooded inboxes of automated email newsletters. Most marketers are lax when it comes to optimizing their emails for mobile devices. A carefully crafted email marketing campaign will attract the attention of your recipients so that it does not end up being marked as spam or being deleted altogether without the person even reading it. In order to keep up, your marketing campaign will have these distinctive features:

  • Be personalised
  • Designed for both desktop and mobile devices
  • Filled with interesting graphics
  • Contains a meaningful call -to-action

How to Successfully Mobilize your Email Marketing Campaign

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The visual layout of your email is probably the most important thing when it comes to email marketing. If your email doesn’t display correctly on mobile devices, a large number of your subscribers will simply delete it without opening it. With that being said, mobile responsiveness is not about just fitting your content to fit a mobile screen. A reinforced brands strategy will leverage the awesome power of your email marketing campaign. Always keep your audience in mind to deliver effective results. Use easy-to-read and web safe fonts.

Your design layout also needs to be complemented with a clear compelling copy. Keeping it short and simple is always the key. You do not want to clutter your emails with lengthy content. The first three lines; the “from”, the “subject line” and the first line of the texts is what will be seen by your subscribers, so work on these three fields to ensure they are as impressive as possible.

The Importance of Responsive emails

There is a difference between a responsive layout and an email design which just works well on mobile devices. A responsive design is smart enough to know which kind of device is being used and show a different code according to the device information.

Most companies will opt for a mobile-friendly design which looks good on all types of mobile devices. Optimizing email campaigns to have a mobile friendly design and layout is important in view of the rising numbers of mobile users. Millennials entering the workforce in this age are no longer restricted to the confines of an office room. They prefer to work remotely where they enjoy more flexibility in the work environment. If such mobile workers are your target audience in your email marketing campaigns, you need to implement a good template structure.

Best Practices for Mobile-Friendly Campaigns

  • Keep subject lines short
  • Limit navigation
  • Keep images small
  • Make your call-to-action clickable

Optimising your email campaigns will get better results and better yields, especially when done in tandem with outsourcing social media. Personalization and effective triggered emails will ensure your subscribers receive interesting and relevant emails.

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