We’ve just introduced a new hashtag across our Twitter accounts. Allow me to introduce #LeftInTheCommentsBox. We’ll be using the new hashtag to show off positive feedback left by customers, post-chat, on a daily basis. We get plenty of positive feedback from clients and their customers and the post-chat survey is the perfect opportunity for the customers to leave their happy and sometimes hilarious thoughts and comments.

We figured it was about time we showed off some of this positive feedback.

Two members of our team have also just joined Twitter: Becky (@ChatShopBecky) and Sean (@ChatShopSean).

Becky is one of our Account Managers and is in charge of making sure we smash our clients’ goals and do everything we can to improve their website performance and make their customers happy.

Sean handles our marketing (including this very blog post).

Both Becky and Sean will be sharing news, tips and their advice on Live Chat and Customer Service. And giving their personal views on the Live Chat industry. Follow them if you are interested in learning a little more about their roles and gaining some insight on Live Chat and Customer Service.

If you’re interested in learning more about The Chat Shop as a whole, follow @ChatShop. Our Live Chat programmes focus on Lead Generation, Increasing Conversion and Customer Service, so that’s what we talk about and share insight on.

Not enough? Want even more insight and news from us?! Then follow our Co-Founders too, Jonny (@JonnyChats) and Joe (@ChatShopJoe).