Increasing Online Conversions By Being First

According to Comscore, the typical Internet user is served 1,707 banner ads per month. Internet users are constantly bombarded with online advertisements and marketing campaigns. Internet browsers’ attention is so saturated by you, your competitors and other industries attempting to catch their eye that it’s difficult to stand out online. In order to have a chance of making these users your customers and increasing online conversions, you need to put yourself at the top of their mind when they are thinking of your product/service category.

Follow up email

If you have a site visitor’s details it’s a good idea to make them remember what they are missing out on if they haven’t returned to your site in a while. eCommerce sites such as Amazon are renowned for doing this well. When a registered customer abandons a cart on the Amazon site they automatically receive a follow up email. The email reminds them that they didn’t complete their order and keeps the product and company in the consumer’s mind.

This isn’t just effective for increasing online conversions but is also effective on websites looking to optimise their lead generation. If they provide you with an email address in order to download premium content, drop them a thank-you email with a link to further content or an email newsletter sign-up. This is a chance to bring them back to your site or regularly appear in their inbox with fresh calls to action.

Keep them on site

Interacting with potential customers whilst they are on your site and engaging with them is important in order to keep them there and even for increasing online conversions and lead generation. Customers may have found their way to your site but now that they are there you need to keep them interested in your company and what you have to offer. Clear calls to action for free content or your best offers are a great way to keep them engaging with your site. The more potential customers engage with your site the further they move towards converting.

Using proactive live chat is a fantastic tool for keeping potential customers and leads on site which may have been about to bounce off. Make sure your are engaging visitors before they leave.

Studying your site data means that you are able to determine on which pages of your site visitors are exiting. Inviting these people to chat before they leave these pages can increase conversions.


Getting the right words for your search engine optimisation is crucial. A high search engine ranking is the best way of being first to catch your potential customers attention. You need to put yourself in your customers’ shoes and consider what they would be searching to find your product, in order to appear at the top of search engine results. Being at the top of results for search engines such as Google really pays off. The top organic search position in Google receives 53% of clicks from search users, followed by 15% for position 2 and 9% for position 3.

Paying for a high search ranking is of course another possibility but traffic from paid searches often has a high bounce rate. A high Google ranking may get their attention but won’t be increasing online conversions on its own.

React to social media

Not only is the online world an ever growing plethora of adverts but it’s also an ever growing plethora of social media. Social media is still growing as fast as ever and so is the number of interactions had between brands and consumers. Consumers expect their questions to be answered as promptly and truthfully in this public domain as they do when contacting the company privately. If a customer comes on your social media to make a complaint or ask a question you should be quick to respond before a competitor or another disgruntled customer chimes in.

Social media isn’t often associated with increasing online conversions, but it should be. If your competitors are being a lot more verbal than you on social media then they will be grabbing the attention of your customers a lot more, and if you aren’t dealing with public complaints then this can cause a bad image for your brand. Social media is an important form of word-of-mouth.

Special offers to your followers are also a great way of increasing conversion, loyalty and buzz around your company and site.

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