Importance Of Qualifying Sales Leads In Real Time

Generating inbound leads is one of the most important things that your site should be doing. Why generate traffic to your site if you aren’t generating leads from it?

Even if your site is creating a good amount of leads, these leads need to be qualified in order to save time and money for you and your potential customer. Starting business with a client who doesn’t meet your criteria can waste time and money for you and them.

This blog post explains the importance of qualifying sales leads in real time and how your business can begin implementing it.

Qualifying sales leads

Lead qualification is important as there is no point in forming new partnerships if straight from the beginning it isn’t going to work out – you want to be finding clients which you can provide for and which can provide for you. Lead generation figures may be high but are they high quality leads? The sooner you decide whether or not you and a new lead are a good fit the less time and money you will waste.

Qualifying sales leads in real time

Being able to qualify leads in real time, right at the beginning of the sales funnel, is the most efficient form of lead qualification. Not only can resources be wasted on unqualified leads but they can also be wasted on making lead qualification a long and laborious process. Many companies leave lead qualifying down to their sales teams, meaning that they have to spend pointless hours calling leads which aren’t ready to begin business with their company. Your sales team are specialised individuals, there to make sales to people suitable for your company. Using sales to qualify leads wastes their time and the money which you are paying them, on a job which they shouldn’t be doing.

Qualifying sales leads should be done by your marketing team, or even better, should be done in real time whilst potential leads are on your website.

Site analytics and form completion

Using site analytics allows you to qualify the level of interest a lead has and how much product knowledge they have. Analytics will allow you to determine what individual users are reading and how long for. You can then match them to the content they download and any contact, job and company information they provide in order to do so.

Using a form completion hurdle allows real time lead qualification in terms of company size and whether the person is an influencer within the company or not. Form completions should only be made necessary on premium content though. Site visitors won’t like handing over their details for wafer thin information and those people downloading just these pieces of content probably don’t qualify as being ready to purchase from your company anyway.

Live chat

Live chat is a tool which has the ability to both boost online lead generation and the amount of leads qualified in real time, when used professionally.

The use of well-placed chat invites is critical in order to make live chat an effective online lead generation tool. Using analytics and carefully crafted messaging you can target site visitors based on their on-site behaviour and engage with those which are potential prospects.

Getting them to chat is the first hurdle, creating a valuable conversation that leads to sharing of details is a whole other ball game and must be carefully considered. The live chat agent needs to use the conversation to explore what the customer wants, identify their needs and match a potential solution to these in order to secure them as a qualified lead.

Live chat not only allows real time lead qualification but also allows you to nurture a lead through a real interaction with a representative of your company.