Visme recently created this infographic on the anatomy of your customers. It draws some great statistics from businesses, looking at the general state of your three main customer types: Promoters, Passive Customers, and Detractors. And research into your customer characteristics is good data to have on who to market to.

Since we’re big fans of data driven live chat, we had to go ahead and share it!

Quick business question: do you take time to know who your customers are?

Of course, you may not know them personally but in a nutshell do you know what their age range is? Do you know if your customers are mostly women or mostly men? Or do you even know what they like most about your product?

This may seem irrelevant or you don’t even have the time of the day to do this and you may think this has a little to offer to the success of your business but think about this: if you have no idea what your friend or lover likes or you have completely have no clue what his or her interests are, your friendship or relationship is going to fail due to the reason you don’t care.

And business is very much like that. You have to care about your customers to make everything work.

To get you started in knowing your clients or consumers, Dana Severson of and Visme created this useful infographic about the 3 kinds of customers and what you should do about them.

The Anatomy of a Customer.jpg


Belle Balace is the Growth Specialist at Visme, an online visual tool where anyone can create engaging presentations and data visualizations in less time.